Bold investment strategies to help your business grow


The UK is full of entrepreneurs running their own SME’s and London particularly so. These diverse and essential companies are the lifeblood of the national economy and are vital to business life in the capital. Indeed, official figures for 2018 revealed that there were 5.7 million small to medium enterprises in the UK. This just goes to show the vital part these businesses play in our daily life.

If you are just starting your own business or have been running one for a while, you might be looking at ways to stimulate its growth. Being able to do so is vital for all businesses in London and beyond because continuing to progress is essential for success. While putting more effort into your core work is crucial, you may also want to think about making some bolder choices to grow your enterprise more quickly.

One great idea to help is thinking about investing some of your business’s profits into certain assets or areas. When done correctly, this can not only help your organisation to generate more revenue but also to diversify what you do. But what are the boldest investment strategies to consider?

Trading Forex

Known as the largest and most liquid market around; over $5 trillion worth of trades are made each day on the Forex market. Investing in the market means you are making an informed prediction on the price movements of the currency pair you select. If you get it right, then you make money!

Although it is a simple market to grasp in its basic form, you must do your research beforehand to fully understand how to approach such an investment. As a bold investment strategy for businesses though, the profits you could make in a short time frame are hard to beat. Just make sure to take your time in picking which online broker you use to trade with. Many traders now use eToro but you should be sure to read this eToro review before making your decision. That is the case for any online broker you may come across.

Peer to peer lending

Another bold choice you could make to stimulate growth in your business and increase the overall revenue generated is P2P lending. It requires you to lend money to other businesses around the world through online platforms. You would agree a repayment period and interest rate before lending the money – then you just sit back and watch the cash roll in. Naturally, this does require you to be confident that any organisation you back financially can pay the money back. The potential profits on offer are worth some risk though and you can set shorter repayment deadlines so that the income helps your business to grow faster.

Stock market trading

It is thought that the global stock markets are worth some $44 trillion which makes them quite tempting investment vehicles. There is certainly money to be made and you do not always have to wait months or years for a stock to bring rewards. You can choose to day trade now, which is much quicker, or even buy dividend income stocks which deliver cash if the businesses are successful throughout the year. Of course, trading stocks comes with some degree of risk which is what makes it a bold choice. However, if you know what you are doing or you invest via a professional brokerage firm, you stand every chance of winning in the long term.


If you want to consider a bold investment strategy for your London based business, cryptocurrency is certainly an option. The great thing about investing in digital currency is that it can provide quick returns due to the volatile nature of the market. However, with increased volatility comes greater risk. If you are successful, this form of investment can net your business some serious profits to help it grow. Whether you choose to buy currencies like Bitcoin to sell on crypto exchanges or actually invest in crypto stock, it is certainly worth thinking about. As it has now become more mainstream, the old worries about it being a fad or insecure have gone.

Fortune favours the brave

If you are looking at ways to make some extra money to fund business growth, the above are some valid yet bold choices to consider. Naturally, it is vital to do your research and to fully understand whatever investment you make before parting with any money. When done right, however, the correct investment in the right area can provide the extra funds needed to grow a business.