Book a stay in the world’s s first ‘Floating Terrarium’ based in London, the ultimate urban jungle


For the first-time ever, in line with National Houseplant Week travellers can stay in a floating terrarium on the London Thames, designed by Mia Powell, in partnership with the ultimate colour experts Lick and the plant specialists Patch.

Re-imagining a traditional canal boat, the Floating Terrarium is every nature lover’s dream. The unique space connects you to wildlife through its soothing, natural colour scheme, jungle-like assortment of plants and conscious use of organic materials.

The biophilic oasis has been brought to life by creator and designer Mia Powell, who approached the eco-conscious brands Lick and Patch to get their expert support on the unique design of the space.

Curated with colour psychology in mind, in the boat, you’ll find a soft, natural looking space, with Lick’s Taupe 02, Black 02, Green 09, Blue 07 and Pink 01 paint colours providing the perfect backdrop for the plants to shine. Each colour was selected to harmonise with the lush green of the plants, creating a relaxing and grounding retreat, right in the middle of the city.

When it came to selecting the right plants and bringing the space to life, Patch was the perfect partner, providing unbeatable plant-based knowledge and support around how to make this immersive experience like no other. The design of the space also puts sustainability first, utilising solar panels, using harvested and filtered canal water and offering a compost toilet.
Tash Bradley, Director of Interior Design and Colour Psychologist at Lick, says; “Never underestimate the power of colour to completely transform a space! We’ve absolutely loved working with Mia on this amazing project – all of the colours look incredible against the lush green of the plants and create such a harmonious, biophilic atmosphere. Taupe 02 is balanced between warm and cool, perfect for transforming spaces into grounding retreats and it looks really striking alongside our Black 02. Green 02 is soothing and calming, whereas Pink 01 is Lick’s lightest, most delicate pink colour that will bring a bit of blush and warmth to a room. We can’t wait to see what guests make of the experience – truly a dream boat!”

Freddie Blackett, Founder at Patch, says; “With over 180 plants aboard – each carefully chosen for maximum impact and to thrive in their environment, just like in a tiny terrarium – Patch has partnered with Mia to make this a truly immersive experience. Here, you can take a shower in the rainforest, and relax in your personal jungle. Your onboard companions will include Patch favourites like Nicolau, the enormous strelitzia nicolai, and Chaz the monstera. You’ll also spot some new friends, like Elise the leafy alocasia macrorrhizos. During your stay you can care for the plants, take a cutting with you or learn more about the greenery around you through our unique care sticks. If Patch could design a dream staycation, this would be it.”

Mia says; “I was keen to partner with eco-conscious brands that could not only help elevate the space but also inspire my guests to think greener when it comes to the way that we live. From ideation, I was adamant that the plants needed to live harmoniously next to elegant design. With the support of Lick’s team I was able to select striking monochromes that accentuate the vibrancy of the plants. (Let’s just say Lick’s Taupe 02 and Black 02 have been a game changer!) The Patch team have also been a dream to collaborate with, they totally got the vision and have been instrumental in helping map out the Terrarium’s sensorial experience. I can’t wait for people to be immersed in this eco conscious city escape, and to show a more sustainable way of living.”

A spokesperson at Airbnb says “The Floating Terrarium was created as part of Airbnb’s first-of-its-size $10,000,000 OMG! Fund, which sought 100 of the world’s craziest listing ideas and granted each recipient $100,000 to help bring their builds to life and experience the economic benefits of hosting on Airbnb. Ideas were judged by a panel of experts who reviewed each concept based on originality, feasibility, the experience the space will provide guests, and sustainability. Other builds from recipients of the OMG! Fund can be found within Airbnb’s OMG! Category, which houses a collection of the most unique homes on the platform.”

Those wanting to experience the unique jungle escape and enjoy a zen stay in the middle of London, can book the Floating Terrarium on Airbnb now.