Boris Johnson has lost his powers and his time is up, says his biographer


BORIS Johnson has lost his vote-winning powers and will inevitably have to step down as Prime Minister, according to his biographer Tom Bower.

The famed investigative journalist told GB News: “I think he has become destabilised and he has great instincts as a gambler, as a survivor, as a strategist, as a populist politician, as a man who amused and at the same time could lead – I fear they have deserted him.

“He is now beleaguered and he can throw in the dice whichever way he wants. I don’t think he has much time left.”

Mr Bower said his followers expected the “government would be able to channel a terrific programme or renewal and all the rest. That was the hope by his supporters.

“Unfortunately, he’s failed to deliver and his come undone by his lack of veracity and that in the end is critical and it sadly has let him down.”

Speaking during an interview with Eamonn Holmes on GB News, Mr Bower said the Prime Minister has lost the support of his base.

“Even though this is a day of pleasure for those who would have hoped that he would have learned his lessons, that he was intelligent enough to be able to see what he had to do to correct his failings and this is, in the end, is a great disappointment.

“In the end, he has lost the trust of too many Conservatives and that is where it matters, especially in the shires across the country.

“If you lose the trust of your supporters, you just can’t remain and, sadly for him, that is what has happened.”

Mr Bower, whose biography of the Prime Minister is called “Boris Johnson: The Gambler”, was asked if Mr Johnson would fall on his sword or would have to be crowbarred out of Downing Street.

“Oh, absolutely he’ll have to be crowbarred out. I anticipate that in the end, Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, who is no great admirer of Boris, will take great pleasure in going in to tell him that just as he told Theresa May, some years ago that Boris you’re going to have to go, you’ve lost the support of the party in Parliament,” he said.

“I think Graham Brady is looking forward to that conversation and the question is whether Boris approves and goes willingly.

“My guess is – of course he won’t, but in the end, he will be forced to because they’ll change the rules of the 1922 Committee and he’ll be out by the end of next week.”

He also said: “The critical weakness he has when an obituary does come to be written is that he’s a loner, he is a man without friends and more importantly without people around him who tell him when he’s doing things wrong.

“And that I put down to his divorce from Marina Wheeler, his long-time wife, and living with Carrie, who is not someone who herself understands sensibly enough how to tell him when he’s doing wrong…

“You know these things count in the end. And that in the end it is a couple of unfortunate people who now have to leave Downing Street.”