Borough Market Cookbook Club Announces Autumn Events


London’s Borough Market is a food lover’s dream destination and has been bringing people together over food for many years. The Market’s popular Cookbook Club moved online during lockdown and has continued to thrive, offering everyone from experienced home cooks to kitchen novices the chance to get involved for free. This September members will be celebrating the Queen of home cooking, Delia Smith at 80, while October’s book is Salt & Time: Recipes from a Russian kitchen.

The Borough Market Cookbook Club is organised and hosted by award-winning food writer Angela Clutton. The club is free to join and designed for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company. Each event celebrates a selected cookery book, and members are sent a couple of recipes in advance from the book to cook at home, which they then discuss with the group.

On Saturday 25th September from 10.30am – noon, the Club will be hosting a special event to mark the 80th birthday of food legend Delia Smith. Cookbook Club members are invited to come together for a morning of story-swapping, all about how Delia has held a special place in our culinary lives for decades. The discussion will centre around people’s favourite Delia Smith books or recipes and bring everyone together to indulge in a celebration of her work and influence. For more information, visit:

On Thursday 14th October from 6.30 – 8pm, members will be discussing Salt & Time: Recipes from a Russian kitchen by Alissa Timoshkina. Salt & Time is a cookbook that will transform perceptions of the food of the former Soviet Union, and especially Siberia – the crossroads of Eastern European and Central Asian cuisine. It is packed with inviting recipes (adapted for modern tastes and Western kitchens) along with Alissa’s evocative storytelling. Members who sign up to the event will receive a couple of recipes from the book and are encouraged to make them ahead of the event, ready to talk them, or about anything else they might have made from the book.

Borough Market Cookbook Club host, Angela Clutton said: “Since moving the Borough Market Cookbook Club online we have had such a great response from passionate cooks across the country. This autumn we’re excited to be celebrating Delia Smith who has had such a huge impact on home cooking in the UK for decades, I think most homes will have a Delia cookbook and many members will have grown up watching and reading her work. Then in October to be cooking food from the former Soviet Union gives members such an interesting insight into the culinary tastes from another culture and I’m sure everyone will feel enlightened and inspired.”

Anyone with an interest in cooking is invited to sign up for free to join the club and then will be eligible to come along to Borough Market’s small, friendly Cookbook Club events over Zoom. After joining the Club, guests will be emailed the links to register. For more information visit: Digital Cookbook Club / Borough Market

Those joining the Cookbook Club can shop for ingredients at Borough Market either in person or online via the Borough Market Online delivery service. For more information, visit: