Borough Market launches third series of popular online events: Borough Talks


London’s iconic Borough Market has announced dates for the next installment of its popular online culinary series ‘Borough Talks’. Now in its third season, the events are being hosted at lunchtime via zoom, creating the perfect break from work for food fans.

The first of the series is on Wednesday 21st April, where cook, writer and the voice of modern vegetarian cuisine Anna Jones, will be joined by leading thinker on food and cities Carolyn Steel and psychologist Kimberley Wilson to discuss how the pandemic is shaping our food future. In May, the topic will be centred around food and travel as we await news on what level of international travel will be possible, while June’s event will cover the meat vs non-meat debate.

As with previous series, the latest instalment of Borough Talks will be hosted by award-winning food writer and host of Borough Market Cookbook Club, Angela Clutton. Talks will take place between 1pm-2pm and are free to join. The full programme can be found below.

Wednesday 21st April, 1 – 2pm

Borough Talks… How the pandemic is shaping our food future

2020 brought about huge changes in how we get and consume our food. As we now begin to emerge from the pandemic, join the panel as they discuss the possible enduring impact of these changes and what – for better or worse – they mean for our food future. Topics will include where and how we get our food shopping, the role of supermarkets and local markets, the impact on both home-cooking and dining-out culture and what it all means for the planet, our pockets and our wellbeing.

The panel will be made up of Carolyn Steel, whose work on food and cities is world-renowned; psychologist (and Bake Off finalist) Kimberley Wilson who is well placed to consider the emotional and mental health impact of the pandemic on our food culture; and best-selling food-writer Anna Jones whose cooking encourages all of us to take a more sustainable approach to food.

Wednesday 12th May, 1 -2pm

Borough Talks… Food and travel

Food has the power to offer a unique insight into community and culture. One of the joys of international travel is discovering a region through its food – not just for the pleasure of eating like a local but for what doing that tells you about people, place and time. After a year of little if any travel for leisure (and perhaps more travel uncertainty ahead too) the panel will be discussing how the discovery of the foods of a nation impact upon our cultural understanding of it – and in turn, how increasing or decreasing international tourism can impact upon a region’s culinary landscape.

Join Russell Norman, founder of Polpo restaurant group, who fell in love with Venice and has spent years using the food of that city to communicate a greater understanding of its history and culture and Yasmin Khan, whose recently published Ripe Figs is typical of her immersive work in food and travel.

Wednesday 16th June, 1 – 2pm

Borough Talks…. The meat vs non-meat debate

The rise of veganism is often portrayed as the argument for good planetary and personal health – the implication being that meat production and consumption is, the problem. There is increasing acceptance, though, that the real picture for us and for the planet is not nearly as simple as that. This event will lead with a positive discussion of the environmental nuances of how meat and non-meat produce are farmed, as we try to unpick and give perspective to this too-often polarised debate.

With chef and climate-change campaigner Tom Hunt, who recently published Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet and Jan McCourt whose Northfield Farm butchery has been trading at Borough Market for 21 years championing slow rearing of rare and traditional British breeds.

Kate Howell, Director of Communications and Engagement at Borough Market said: “Our relationship with food has changed in the last year, with many brushing up on their home cooking skills and others craving the enjoyment of having someone prepare a dish for them. This latest series of Borough Talks not only looks at the impact the pandemic has had on our eating habits but also looks to the future, giving us food for thought on how our behaviour may evolve.. For those unable to join the events or who have perhaps missed our previous series, all of the Talks are available as part of the Borough Market podcast.”

Borough Market remains open for business from Monday to Saturday, with al fresco dining available and social distancing measures in place. In January, the Market became the first outdoor venue to legally enforce the mandatory wearing of face masks. Controlled entry and exits points have been put in place to manage numbers and social distancing. Those not complying with these rules face a £50 fine.

From May, the Market will extend its trading hours to include Sundays for the first time in recent history, to provide the local community with access to high quality, sustainable produce, seven days per week. More than 30 producers will be open from 10am to 2pm, serving meats, fish, fruit & veg, bread & baked goods and store cupboard essentials. Hot food and drink will not be served during these hours.

For those unable to visit the Market, a number of alternative services are available, providing customers access to the high-quality produce of the Market’s traders*. For more information visit: