Brits have become a nation of “picture perfectionists”



New research out today from Huawei has revealed the extent to which modern Brits have become a nation of “picture perfectionists,” with the average Brit having a staggering 783 pictures saved on their smartphone, but only truly liking 25% of them.

The study of over 2,000 Brits found that looking bad in a photo tops the list of reasons why people don’t like the photos stored on their phone, while poor lighting and blurry images are also responsible for the ‘photo clutter’ in smartphone galleries across the UK:

Top five reasons we don’t like the photos on our smartphones:

1 I don’t look good (47%)

2 Bad lighting (40%)

3 Blurry (33%)

4 Out of focus (32%)

5 Not being able to get the right shot (29%)

Huawei commissioned the research to discover the photography frustrations smartphone users have with their devices, with poor low light photography, blurry action shots and poor zoom quality all featuring in the list of gripes.

The research revealed that Brits only end up using 34% of the shots they take at any one time, and once taking a shot they like, will spend 4 minutes and 30 seconds on average to edit, crop and add a filter to the image before posting it on social media.