Broadcaster and author June Sarpong MBE will help launch ‘the Airbnb of Therapy’


World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October and is a day for global mental health awareness.

But this year, Dr Sheri Jacobson, believes it shouldn’t be awareness that really makes the headlines. Sheri is launching the therapy platform to revolutionise the mental health space by solving the most commonly voiced concerns of those suffering with mental health issues in 2018; finding and booking suitable professional support. Action, rather than awareness, is her first priority.

Lauded ‘the A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ of therapy’, Harley Therapy Platform uses state-of-the-art technology to recommend therapists to users based on their personalised symptoms, using free text search insights and over twelve years of mental health assessments and results to recommend the most statistically effective support for each individual. Unlike other platforms, users can manage each step in their therapy journey – getting pre-therapy information, finding a therapist, booking an appointment and paying for therapy – securely online, without a subscription and within the space of a few minutes.

Through a candid in-conversation titled ‘Are You Ok?’ on 9 October, Harley Therapy founder Dr Sheri Jacobson and June Sarpong MBE will uncover truths around current mental health provisions and perceptions of therapy.

Dr Sheri Jacobson said: “Raising awareness is the first step in solving the problem, but it is not enough; the mental health industry needs accessible, personalised and affordable treatment, and there is no time to waste”.

Harley Therapy’s particular focus on pre-emptive help bucks the trend in the mental health technology space. They offer wellbeing talks to organisations to help employees prevent their mental health deteriorating. The platform includes a free-to-access blog to de-stigmatise therapy and offer information on emotional wellbeing. In addition, they operate a YouTube channel featuring answers to their blog readers’ burning questions about mental health and therapy. Alongside this information, they offer appointments as soon as 24 hours away. Why is this so important? Because accessing care before you have reached crisis point increases the chance of a fully successful recovery.

The NHS suggests that individuals consider seeking a private therapist for mental health issues due to long waiting lists. But accessing and scheduling appointments with the right professional is often so difficult that people in need of care give up. This is why awareness of the professional therapeutic support and information available through is needed more than ever this World Mental Health Day.


Are You Ok?’ June Sarpong MBE in conversation with Dr Sheri Jacobson

Tuesday 9 October, 6.30pm – 9.00pm, The Marleybone Hotel, June Sarpong MBE in conversation with Dr Sheri Jacobson. By invite only.