BTS Jimin Superfan Oli London Unveils Latest Shocking Plastic Surgery Procedure


BTS superfan and Dr. Phil Star Oli London has appeared on British TV channel Truly in a dramatic episode of ‘Hooked on the Look’ showing off his new eye procedure to look like his K-Pop idol Jimin. Revealing extremely swollen eyes after undergoing a blepharoplasty procedure, Oli unveils his new look to his flamboyant friend who then bursts in to tears in shock.

The controversial reality TV star, best known for appearances on TV shows Botched, Dr. Phil and Barcroft TV last made headlines back in January after marrying a cardboard cutout of Jimin in a Las Vegas ceremony. He has now returned to the spotlight to discuss his new eye procedure, his K-Pop music and the devastating effects online bullying and trolling has had on his life.

The K-Pop fan also showed off his new blue hair while engaging in a shocking DIY Filler procedure with his friend, British pop singer Oscar Marmaduke whilst eating Kimchi, his favourite Korean food. Oli, who ordered the DIY filler from China complains to his friend before being injected, ‘The instructions are in Chinese, and I cannot read Chinese…so just stick it in anywhere” with his friend then proceeding to inject the filler.

A spokesperson for Oli London explained that the filler is legal to order online and does not require a doctor so therefore it can be used at home, although it is recommended someone with experience performs the procedure.

Oli then appears in a $250,000 white Ferrari wearing a Jimin mouth mask and holding a cardboard cutout mask of Jimin with his friend.

The TV star goes on to discuss online bullying and how he quit Twitter last month, which became a hot topic on the social media platform, leading to the hashtag #OliLondonDeactivatedParty trending worldwide and as the #3 highest trend in America.

His new TV documentary shows a softer side to Oli showing his emotions and how he deals with cyber bullying and trolling and the effects it has on young people. This is his third appearance on Truly TV after he originally shared his story with the world about his plastic surgery transformation and obsession with Jimin back in 2018.

He broke down in tears on American talk show Dr. Phil earlier this year, confessing he has been bullied his whole life and looking like Jimin gives him happiness and confidence.