Business software for painting contractors


The paint industry has seen a significant increase in market demand for its services over the past five years, and industry analysts predict higher revenues and further expansion of painting contractors in the future.

The housing sector, which accounts for about half of the industry’s revenues, will continue to propel the industry forward as home remodeling spending increases.

Paint contractors can use specialized software to help them compete in a competitive market by maintaining a good reputation, offering exceptional service, and effectively running their business. For a long time, fieldcomplete has provided quality custom software to paint contractors, and we continue to develop and improve the program to keep pace with new technologies and changing customer requirements.

Specialized Paint Contractor Software is a field service software solution with many features. Thousands of service company owners choose it as their favorite software tool.

Our application is a powerful and essential management tool for every successful service organization due to its wide range of business management functions.

Available as a desktop application and cloud system.

What does our application for the painting business offer?

Our paint contractor scheduling software includes all the tools you need to manage your clients, staff and projects, as well as accounting, sales, marketing, and payroll.

You can quickly access and share information in real-time from anywhere with our app running on your mobile devices, ensuring that your field and office staff are kept up to date with the latest developments.

  1. Existing consumers are retained, and new customers are attracted.

Our program is a suite of connected tools that allows you to manage your customers and sales leaders in one place. We also provide seamless integration with the most popular marketing and sales platforms.

2. Improve customer service by managing your employees.

Our app uses GPS technology to track the location of your employees throughout the day and record their arrival and departure times for each workplace. Fully tied to our desktop software and mobile app, GPS tracking provides functionality that was previously only possible with expensive dedicated systems.

Below are some of the benefits of using our software for your painting business:

  • Increase sales and retain existing customers
  • With integrated CRM and marketing tools, you can track all your customer information and sales opportunities.
  • Customer data management and large-scale search.
  • The Customer Information screen also displays account transactions and customer balances.
  • Clients and potential clients can be served in multiple locations.
  • Directions and maps that are accurate.
  • Bulk mailing letters to potential clients and customers can be generated using integrated email technologies.
  • With the built-in email module, you can also design and run email marketing campaigns.
  • Set up automatic reminders and pop-up alerts for sales calls and customer follow-up.
  • As a result, you will be able to close more deals and improve the quality of customer service.
  • Create and communicate accurate job estimates and offers to potential clients and clients.
  • The support staff provide courteous assistance over the phone.

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