Call Centre Outsourcing to the Philippines – A Key Consideration for UK-based Companies


Outsourcing has become a major industry for economies and countries around the world.

The Philippines is no different. Call centre outsourcing to the Philippines is booming.

One of the largest and most influential industries is the business processes outsourcing industry. Call centre companies have helped create and define the business processes outsourcing industry and the economy within the Philippines. Businesses around the world are choosing to outsource their call centres to the Philippines. English speaking countries are looking to archipelago nation to help meet demands and create satisfied customers. UK companies have been migrating their contact centre outsourcing requirements to the Philippines in greater quantities as the success becomes more tangible.

Many large companies have caught on; it’s not just London-based firms. Companies based in smaller cities are outsourcing just as much and seeing the same results.

Call centre outsourcing to the Philippines from UK is growing in popularity and frequency because of the outcome. It is beneficial for the companies and their customers to outsource. Enterprises are seeing growth in productivity and quality while also seeing their budgets decrease.

Though money is not the main driving factor for outsourcing, it is a consideration.

Quality and efficiency are the largest motivating factor for outsourcing because companies and customers want the best customer service possible, and the Philippines are providing the quality people want.

The UK and the Philippines have a great amount of cultural overlap. There is a mutual understanding of interpretations, meanings, culture, and nuance, which is beyond necessary when in a discussion.

Language is another key factor. The Philippines has a huge workforce of proficient English speakers, which is necessary when working with UK firms and customers. Call centres need to be able to understand their customer and the company in order to facilitate the need or problem.

Quality and efficiency are the driving force for UK-based enterprises to relocate their call centres to the Philippines. Customers want their interactions with a call centre to be as efficient as possible and so do companies. Efficiency saves time for the customer, which they appreciate, and it saves the company money. Getting as much done as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal. Efficiency should never get in the way of quality because quality is arguably the most important factor. A quick and wrong reply helps no one and is ultimately not efficient. Being thorough and taking the time to help the customer by listening is the reason call centres exist.

The Philippines understood this need for quality and efficiency, which is why they are the leading call centre outsourcing destination in the world. Cost is a motivating factor for companies and customers by default. Cutting costs on non-revenue earning sections of a company helps make a product less expensive, which the customer appreciates. Companies are outsourcing their contact centres to the Philippines because the upgrade in quality and efficiency helps cuts cost all by itself.

Adding in the living expenses differential, costs are cut even more. This helps the company grow and expand, while also allowing the customer more spending power.

Today, the Philippines is home to almost a thousand call centre companies providing
services to the UK and the world. These companies range in size from startups to huge companies employing several thousand people. Most call centre companies fall in the small to midsized range. Piton-Global is a call centre provider in the Philippines, and they excel having won several awards for their services. The company has managed to establish itself as a preferred provider for UK-based businesses over the last decade.

The Philippines has a booming business processes outsourcing industry built on the hard

Call centres offer a wide variety of service from picking up the phone to answering questions to technical support to payment processing to customer acquisition and everything in between. It is a vital service in today’s busy world. Making sure this service is provided at the highest quality
and most efficient is what the Philippines does.

Call centres in the Philippines have become popular with companies because of the excellent services they receive