Careful How You Say It – Why Your Company Needs a Tone of Voice


We are living in an age when a large amount of the content that we consume is fed to us via the internet. This means people will either watch it or read it somewhere. This content includes different marketing tactics that are used to encourage people to engage with businesses, such as video marketing, blogs and website copy. When it comes to producing this content, it is incredibly important your business portrays its own unique tone of voice.

What Is a Tone of Voice?

It is exactly what it sounds like. Your business’ tone of voice is how someone reading or watching what you have produced would interpret its character. Do they imagine they are being spoken to in an angry way? Happy? Hostile? Friendly? It’s easy to communicate this feeling in a one-on-one conversation, but when communicating through a screen it’s a lot harder. This means it’s important to understand what you want your company’s tone of voice to be before creating content to market yourself.

Why Is Tone of Voice Important?

Your businesses tone of voice is important for multiple reasons, including:

  • It Builds a Connection

By having an effective and easy-to-understand tone of voice, it is much easier to build a connection with your audience. To put this into perspective, 65% of customers say that they are much more likely to engage with a business if they are communicated to in a way whereby it feels like the company care about them.

  • It Builds Trust with Your Audience

Building trust is incredibly important in this day and age due to the array of scams and online threats that customers face. As such, it is incredibly important to build trust with your audience. This is especially the case if your business operates in a way so that customers are parting with money regularly. Consider a gambling site such as Choice Casino. This is a fantastic site that houses a number of online casinos to provide a fun, safe and legitimate gambling experience for its customers, but how can it convey that? By using a professional but also friendly tone of voice, consumers are much more likely to engage with sites such as Choice Casino, rather than if the tone of voice was chaotic or unprofessional.

  • It Creates a Memorable Image of Your Brand

By solidifying your tone of voice, you will be conveying to any prospective customers who you are, what you do and what your company’s ethos is. In doing so, you will create a memorable image of your brand and the kind of people who are behind it.


It is clear from the above that it is very important to get the tone of voice of your company right due to the fact that so many people now engage with organisations online and your tone of voice is what will set you apart from your competitors. Not only that, but with a strong tone of voice, you will also make yourself memorable and trustworthy.