CarReg Private Number Plates Celebrating 33 Years!


CarReg have been industry leaders for well over 30 years and remain one of the most trusted and well-respected names among number plate suppliers. With the massive wealth of experience, CarReg makes the buying and selling of private number plates as simple and secure as possible. But who are CarReg and why are they so highly regarded within the personalised number plate industry?

The Origins of CarReg

CarReg owner, Jason Wilkes, founded the company as a one-man operation back in 1988, since when it has grown into a well-established, family-run business dealing in all kinds of private number plates. CarReg has built a solid reputation for delivering first-class service and great value to their customers, who include the rich and famous, and even royalty.

Jason Wilkes is still at the helm of CarReg as Managing Director, and remains as passionate about private number plates as he was when he started the company. Manager Russell Palmer has been looking after the day to day running of the CarReg office for 15 years. If you’re looking to sell a private number plate, it’s likely that you’ll deal with Russell to get the best valuation.

Trusted Private Number Plate Supplier

When buying a private number plate, it’s important to deal with a trusted and legal supplier, such as CarReg. Suppliers must be registered with the DVLA and only sell plates that conform to the strict regulations. They must ensure that the documentation is in place so that number plates are correctly and legally registered.

Unfortunately, the number plate supply trade is plagued with unscrupulous online dealers who will sell illegal plates without the required documentation. They have contributed to the increase in cloned plates used by criminals on the UK’s roads, which brings misery to many innocent motorists. You should avoid dealing with these rogue traders who are often based outside the UK.

CarReg is not only a DVLA registered supplier, but also a member of all industry bodies, meaning they must adhere to extremely strict codes of practice. That means that customers can be assured of the highest standards of service, quality and security.

Private Number Plate Buying Made Easy

On the CarReg website, finding and buying your perfect private number plate is an easy and straightforward process. Simply enter your chosen combination of characters in the search box, and browse the results for a registration number within your budget. With a database of millions of available numbers, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Once you’ve completed your secure purchase, CarReg can supply you with actual number plates within a few days, or a V750 Certificate of Entitlement or a V778 Retention Document. The professional and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

The CarReg newsfeed provides the latest industry news, up to date laws for the display of number plates, and helpful advice on how to transfer or retain private number plates. You’ll also find quirky number plate news stories.

Visit today to find your ideal cherished, personalised or private number plates, or just to find out more information.