CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat: ‘Working is … entertaining yourself’


Quickly recognize that his original choice was incorrect from the first place, CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat has “driven” himself to a career which brings valuable humanities for community and happiness for himself. It is why he said working actually … entertaining yourself.

Meet a young entrepreneur Nguyen Huu Nhat (Gia Lai province, Vietnam) at the age of 31 is a fashion manager of EnjoGroup Corporation. His face and smile makes people in the opposite feels he is younger than his actual age. Therefore, not many people doubt that he had life experiences, overcame such a long time to “find the correct way” for himself until he achieved many successful achievement in present.

Find himself another direction again

Back to 13 years ago, CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat felt excited to “have a seat” in an amphitheater of University. He studied at University of Information Technology (Vietnam National University), department of Computer Engineering. However, he quickly realized that computer codes couldn’t belong to him by that time.

At that time, social network sites weren’t as developed as it is in the present, but I still could “see” my opportunity. At first, I worked in several of forums and sold products there (some T-shirts which are printed with many characters in video games in VnBattle, which is the precursor of Garena in the present). After earning some profits, I started researching on Facebook and things that it could bring benefits to businesses.”, Huu Nhat shared the journey to find again his own direction..

Conquering new challenges

By his acumen and intelligence, he continued his career to social media segment of Yan News and developed Yan News Facebook Fan Page from the beginning till it reached 1 million followers. But it wasn’t stopped there, since he was willing to conquer new challenges, he stopped working as a social media segment, dropped out of University to focus 100% time and energy for the new goals that he has already set for himself.

CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat informed:” I continued in researching about YouTube and developed a huge system channels about Kids for foreign young children in desire to prove that techniques in foreign countries are good and the techniques in Vietnam can do a lot more than that. Besides, I also developed film series in Vietnam which appeared on YouTube trending in many countries in many weeks.”

Till now, since the systems that he created and developed in the past are kept stable so an entrepreneur from Gia Lai would invest his time to do business and create valuable humanities for himself and entire country. He is in the process of developing a brand new fashion brand for females and will soon be launched in the near future.

Working is… entertaining

To other people, if working is a compulsory activity or working to earn money to support themselves and their families, then with CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat, the concept of working with him is quite interesting.

I always love working, so to me, all of my time is for work. At that time, I was… entertaining myself.”, Nhat said.

Explaining this, CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat reminded us that when we really love our work and know what we want, we will never be scared of being on Monday or bored at work.

Besides, this pleasant smiling businessman also has interesting views about his worth. For him, anything is fine as long as it makes you happy, money is not everything so do not lose it because of it. He always thinks that he will always do good things that bring value to the community.

The opportunity to get rich can come a lot, but I didn’t choose it simply because my initial criterion wasn’t for myself, it was doing good things for everyone to enjoy.”, Nhat positively said. It is also his guiding principle in business so the decisions he makes often very quick: Making people feel conveniently and bringing benefits to everyone, then he accept to do. Else, he refused “No”.

From his own experiences, CEO Nguyen Huu Nhat reminded the young people who are cherishing their dream of starting a business:” Do the things that you really good at, always study and do researches since the world is operating very fast. If you stop, you lose. If you do the things that you aren’t good at or do the things that you couldn’t understand it clearly or you think that you are clear about it but it isn’t, you also lose. Besides, never underestimate anyone, nobody has advantages or disadvantages in their whole life. Remember to help people around you in need, even if they can’t do anything for you and soon you will get sweet fruit.”

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