Cera Care announces hundreds of carer jobs in Kent as part of 10,000 new carer recruitment drive


National home care innovator Cera Care is recruiting, retraining and deploying new care staff from industries that have suffered mass redundancies due to COVID-19, creating hundreds of jobs for redundant workers in Kent.

Cera Care is recruiting up to 10,000 new carers nationally and will be focusing on sectors with transferable skills for social care such as airlines, retail, customer service and hospitality, with successful applicants being selected, trained and onboarded into frontline roles in as little as 10 days.

In a bid to alleviate pressure on the NHS, put people back to work and accelerate its expansion plans, Cera Care has already begun accepting applications for these roles. It has undertaken initiatives with Airlines UK and Virgin Atlantic to facilitate the recruitment of recently laid-off airline staff.  Cera is also calling for further partnerships with large businesses and trade bodies in hard-hit sectors.

Through the company’s pioneering technology, those interested in a role in social care in Kent can apply, receive training, become certified and be deployed into practical roles through a UK-first digital system. All of the roles are permanent and a variety of contracts are available, with carers being retained even when COVID-19 abates. 

Cera Care was recently selected as the UK Government Department for Health and Social Care’s exclusive technology partner, ensuring all social care providers have access to a digital platform for nationwide recruitment and training of social care staff.

The announcement comes at a time of unprecedented pressure on the NHS and social care community due to COVID-19, and as economic volatility caused by lockdown continues to result in mass-job cuts across a range of sectors. 

Cera is encouraging applications immediately, and further information regarding potential roles can be found at Cera’s website, www.CeraCare.co.uk/Jobs. The company has also developed a simple four-step path to employment, which is as follows:

  1. Sign up at www.ceracare.co.uk
  2. Provide your details and complete a guided video interview
  3. Complete essential on-line training and pre-employment checks
  4. Become Certified, get onboarded, start earning & changing lives for the better

Cera is a technology-enabled home care provider using digital and data analytics to improve elderly care services. In addition to its carer community working directly with elderly individuals, the company’s App also gives family members and medical practitioners up-to-date health information, ensuring the needs of elderly individuals can be predicted and addressed in real-time.  

Launched in 2016, the company has built machine learning algorithms for elderly care which allow it to predict health deteriorations before they occur. To date, the company raised over $90 million through equity and debt financing to support its national expansion, and the roll-out of its pioneering SmartCare technology platform. Over the last four years, Cera has grown to become one of the largest health-technology companies in Europe.