Chessington World of Adventures Resort re-opens


Chessington World of Adventures Resort have this week welcomed their first guests arriving after reopening its gates to the public.

In line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, Chessington closed its doors on the 5th January this year, and today, more than 90 days later, the family Theme Park and Zoo is expecting thousands of guests to pass through its gates.

The end of the recent restrictions marks the longest closure period for Chessington since the start of lockdown in March last year.

Adding even more excitement to its heavily awaited reopening, Chessington has also launched the most exciting ride to ‘drop’ this Spring. A drop tower, Croc Drop, is the first NEW ride at the Resort in Surrey since 2013, and represents a multi-million-pound investment.

Those daring to ride will plunge 25m into the giant jaws of a crocodile, Sobek, the ancient Egyptian Crocodile God and protector of the Nile, who has been possessed by evil spirits, transforming him into a cruel deity. Those a minimum height of 1.2m* must… ‘brave the drop to release the curse’.