Chocoholic makes waves on Broadway!


Ever wonder what it means to be a chocoholic? Well this Broadway show gives you the ultimate, hilarious and heart-breaking look into the life of a true chocoholic and her issues that lay behind her addiction.  This new Broadway hit play has certainly gained some attention in the past year, the play starring the sensational Lilly Dennis is one not to be missed.

Chocoholic is set in an imaginary court room in an alternate reality where Lilly is on trial for being a chocoholic.  This is a true story and one that will resonate with the masses.  Dennis plays over 10 characters in this one person show, all with different accents and physicality.  Different witnesses from her life testify and herself at different ages, until the truth of her addiction is revealed.  Now while I won’t give everything away, because this comedic play gets heavy.  It’s revealed that she is grieving from the loss of the love of her life who died very quickly of cancer.  What is really exceptional about this performance is that all the profits of the Broadway play go directly to St. Jude and their fight to end childhood cancer.

This performance is breath-taking and as an audience we’re hit with this story that is so relatable to most of the world.  The pain and grief that are so eloquently portrayed by one woman is so relatable it’s terrifying.  This is a story that needs to be heard and seen by everyone, it has a beautiful message and its purpose is to show those going through a similar situation that you’re not alone.  Losing a loved one is obviously our greatest fear as humans, even if you have no regard for your own life, the lives of the ones you love are the most priceless of all.  It’s no surprise that watching this incredibly touching story the entire audience eventually went from laughter to tears.

Chocoholic is beautifully written and performed by Lilly Dennis and directed by the award-winning director Debra De Liso.  The show originally made its debut Los Angeles and has made its way to Broadway.  Recently it won Best Solo Short Show in United Solo Festival in NY and is set to return to the festival again in 2019 by popular demand.