Christmas presents don’t automatically mean you have to give something physical …


Christmas presents don’t automatically mean you have to give something physical and if you have to think too hard about what someone needs, surely it’s because they need nothing at all?

Vicky Silverthorn is one of the UK’s most sought-after professional organisers and author of Start With Your Sock Drawer. She has helped everyone from celebrities to busy families declutter and simplify their homes. This year Vicky wants us to forget about ‘stuff’ and start to think differently about what we’re going to give this Christmas.

Vicky says, “my bookings in January always involve taking unwanted gifts to the charity shop. This means not only wasted money but emotionally it’s pretty heartbreaking too, right?”

With this in mind, how about the following ideas to keeping the family happy but at the same time knowing you’re not contributing to someone’s unwanted clutter:

1. The gift of nature and adventure

Speaking from personal experience a National Trust membership card was the best gift my Dad has ever given me and one that I’ve used frequently. There are over 500 places to visit and parking is included!
£64.80 (annual pass)

2. The gift of time together

Whether it’s your best friends from school, your family or perhaps your ‘mummy friends’ – agree together that instead of gifts you are going to have dinner out together, perhaps somewhere more special than usual. Use an app like to agree on a date, you’ll enjoy being together much more than the stress of having to buy individual gifts for everyone.

3. The gift of experience

It’s slightly old-school but if you’re looking for a gift to give to a family, why not give them theme park, cinema, bowling or theatre tickets? What a lovely thought that the gift you give encourages the family to spend time together. Cineworld (and I’m sure the others do too) do a special Christmas Gift bundle for two with drinks and popcorn.