Christopher Dines – A Journey of Self-Discovery


The road to self-discovery can lead through many trials and tribulations. But if a person perseveres through the adversity and challenges the path is very rewarding. People often go through their lives without realizing their full potential just because they do not bother to discover who they truly are. They find it hard to give a second thought to truly reflect on what matters most to them. Maybe due to hardships or insurmountable odds, people often resign themselves to carrying on the way they are.

But some people find it unbearable to keep on “existing” and conforming to accepted norms. These sensitive and restless souls continue to challenge the status quo. And it is these people who stop to think about why things are the way they currently are and how they can change them. They stop slogging through life and go about finding their own path by taking a long hard look at themselves. By taking this vital step, they discover what made them look in the first place; the sense of something missing in their life. After discovering the missing element, they ensure attaining that unfulfilled element.

They often embark on this process by visualizing what would be their ideal self. Although this is a very simple exercise in self-discovery, it gives a starting point to begin the journey. Moving on, for a person exploring passions that stir the soul is a step in the right direction. Exploring minor details like the music they enjoy, or their taste in movies, can provide important insights. Trying new things is another step that can bring a curious personcloser to finding their true calling. This step could be anything from taking on a new hobby to enrolling in an adult education course at an institute or enrolling in an online seminar. Another waypoint in self-discovery comes through evaluating the skills the person already possesses. Having skills is always a plus. Utilizing these skills can provide the fulfillment missing in their lives.

Finally, keeping a journal throughout this journey can be eye-opening for a person. Taking necessary steps and keeping a record of what has been discovered can open the eyes of the person to truths that were always there. And discovering these truths can be a pivotal point in their lives.

An illustrious example of this self-discovering journey is the career of former DJ, author, and mindfulness practitioner, Christopher Dines. Born on August 19th 1983, Christopher Dines spent his childhood in the London Borrow of Harrow, England. He is of English-Irish and Kenyan heritage. Christopher Dines started his studies at Stanborough Independent Primary School in Watford and Pinner Park Middle School in Harrow. Christopher Dines went on to study at Nower Hill High School, again in Pinner. In adulthood, Christopher Dines was privately tutored by Professor Bursill-Hall, studying the history of science. His adult education has been guided by Professor Terry Grundy. Christopher Dines’ mentor is James Alexander, a former corporate financier and co-founder of multiple social enterprises in the UK.

When Christopher Dines left high school aged fifteen, his passion for music was behind that decision. He pursued a full-time music career as a dance music DJ. He soon started DJ’ing on London’s 103.6 Flex FM in the 1990s, an underground dance music pirate radio station situated in Roehampton, South West London. He simultaneously and aggressively promoted the South London pop stars and UK garage bands, the Genius Cru and DJ Deekline and MC Hyperactive for over two years in the North West London area. DJ gigs came in thick and fast in the West End of London. Dines was in demand.

During this exciting period, Christopher’s life spiraled out of control. This partying lifestyle fueled by drug and alcohol abuse led to Christopher hitting rock bottom. At nineteen, he reached out for help and started attending recovery-based support groups. In August 2004, several days after his twenty-first birthday, Dines quit drinking and drugging entirely. He fought his demons, and through perseverance, he became a sober man. He has remained abstinent with almost eighteen years of continuous sobriety.

During his time as a DJ, he went by the pseudonym of Chris Lopez and Kris Lopez. He DJ’ed at various prestigious venues in England and globally. These venues included Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, London Fashion Week, Axis Discotheque in Malta, Defected In The House at Pacha, Garage City at Bar Rumba, Paul “Trouble” Anderson’s Loft, Q-Bar in Bangkok, 1/5 in Hong Kong, Mint Bar in Koh Samui, Hippodrome and the Gas Club in London’s Leicester Square, and countless private parties. As a DJ and music producer, Dines was heavily influenced by David Morales, Paul “Trouble” Anderson, Master at Work, Danny Rampling, Eddie Gordon, Toni Tambourine, and Chris Samba. He obsessively listened to DJ Larry Levan mix tapes recorded live at the legendary Paradise Garage nightclub in New York. Dines was a true dance music enthusiast and a ferocious vinyl collector.

He later co-founded the underground deep house record label SuCasa Beats. He signed many notable acts such as Afro Medusa, Marlon D, Steal Vybe, and promoted the record label at Plan-B in Brixton. He remixed Afro Medusa’s popular records Pasilda Part 2 and Beautiful Thing, under the alias Chris Lopez and produced dance records such as Addicted feat Miss Ling. During this period, he continued developing emotional intelligence through mindfulness.

By the summer of 2006, Christopher Dines had retired from the dance music industry. He was of the last generation from the golden era of dance music, and felt it was the right time to hang up the headphones. The dance music industry had changed, and so had Christopher.

New forms of artistry would soon emerge for the retired DJ. He has published eight books and hosted retreats, workshops, school talks, seminars, and corporate events. Dines’ most recent book, Super Self-Care (Hachette UK) has been translated into Vietnamese. Christopher Dines helps people tackle addiction and stress through these events and his books by teaching them how to meditate. He has facilitated many free mindfulness workshops for drug addicts and alcoholics in low-income communities throughout England.

Recently, Christopher Dines has become an ambassador for Project Eileen. The charity is based in Brighton and Hove Cityin England. Project Eileen was created to help young studentscome to terms with bereavement and grief. Currently,Christopher Dines works at Addcounsel, a luxury rehab providing mental health services in Knightsbridge and Chelsea, London.

Currently working on his debut novel, Christopher Dines has proven that adversity and challenges can be overcome by staying focused and finding one’s path in life.