Clapham chemical attack suspect ‘drowned in River Thames’, claims former Met detective


A former Met Police Detective believes the alleged chemical attack suspect is dead.

Peter Bleksley has shared his firm belief that Abdul Ezedi died by jumping into the River Thames and subsequently drowning.

He told GB News’ Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond: “Abdul Ezedi, an utterly worthless individual, whose contribution to the UK was to create a legacy of victims of crime, is dead. He is dead. He went on to Chelsea Bridge, he was seen peering over the edge, there were a number of sightings.

“This is one of those cases, which, generally speaking, the public are not aware of when negative CCTV sightings are very, very important. We’ve grown used to in the last 20, 30 years, of seeing CCTV of criminals and police appeals, all being connected to a sighting of somebody. In this case, there have been no sightings of Ezedi, at either end of Chelsea Bridge, during the time span when he went on and to be looking over the edge, those negative sightings, in other words the fact he was simply was not seen, has proved, in my opinion, he has been claimed by the River Thames.”