Club promoter saves Ugandan children from having legs amputated using social media to finance their medical bills


Club promoter, Kai Cant, 35 from Deal in Kent who co-owns the London-based ABODE record label uses the profits from his club nights to build and run a school and orphanage in Uganda.

After hearing about the extreme poverty suffered by youngsters in the Kabale region of Uganda, Kai and his Abode business partners Peter Clout Hart and Joseph Daly, decided to build the school for over 100 orphans and create jobs for local adults as teachers and carers in an initiative called the Abode Project.

Clubbers attending all the ABODE club nights in London, Europe and Ibiza donate phones to give to the teachers so they can keep in contact and provide updates on social media.

Recently, one of the teachers at the school contacted Kai to inform him of a young girl Nimusima Evalyne who was suffering with a severe infection in her leg, that went untreated due to her mother being poor and trying to treat the open wound with local medicine from plants as she couldn’t afford the hospital fees.

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