Cocktails, contemporary music and culture at ROH Late

ROH Late at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, Great Britain 16th June 2019 Billy Budd Reimagined (Linbury Foyer) Reza & Christine animation (Main Foyer), Tracey Bush flower making (Crush Room) Stretched (PHH) Joseph Tooga and Rambert dance (PHH) Gary Thorne, button holes and headdresses Stretched (PHH) Music Tiger Lillie style (Crush Room), Ceilidh (PHH)

Contemporary, immersive culture is at the heart of ROH Late, which will take place at the Royal Opera House on Sunday 17 November from 6pm to 9pm (tickets cost £8 per person).

The after-dark, culture-packed evening will feature live music, LED dance performances and a masked ball.

This exciting and immersive evening will be a chance to explore the contemporary face of the Royal Opera House.

One of the events taking place across the Royal Opera House, Nell Phoenix Storytelling, is a captivating modern animation of classical ballet’s The Firebird and The Sleeping Beauty. There will also be an innovative LED dance display by J Lee Productions and a dazzling performance choreographed by Daniel Hay Gordon.

Other events include a re-imagination of opera favourite Carmen and a Night Time Creatures-themed programme performed by soprano Kiandra Howarth and pianist Sergey Rybin. Attendees can design their own masks with the ROH crafts team ahead of the evening’s finale: a spectacular masked ball in the iconic Paul Hamlyn Hall. There’ll also be a specially curated cocktail on sale: the After Dark Delight, made from Amaretto, pressed cranberries, blackcurrant liqueur and vodka (£8.50).

ROH Late takes place from 6pm to 9pm on Sunday 17 November. For more information or to buy tickets visit:


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