Comedian Alan Carr supports new fundraising campaign for Neuroblastoma UK ahead of World Cancer Day


Ahead of World Cancer Day on Tuesday 4 February, comedian Alan Carr and celebrity patron of Neuroblastoma UK is challenging the nation to join the Great Give It Up this March and raise money for vital research into neuroblastoma – a rare childhood cancer and the most common solid tumour in children after brain tumours.

It’s simple – choose something to give up for the month of March and and make your #GreatGiveItUp pledge at Count up the money you save by laying off the lattes, cutting out crisps or making it a meat-free March, make a donation to Neuroblastoma UK and help fund life-saving research..

Comedian Alan Carr, and celebrity patron of Neuroblastoma UK, is joining the Great Give It Up this March. He said, “Children with neuroblastoma often have to give up things they love during treatment. They may have to give up fun stuff like swimming or feel so sick that they can’t eat their favourite food. Please join me this March and make your Great Give It Up pledge today.”

Katherine Mobey, Fundraising Manager at Neuroblastoma UK said, “Giving something up is never easy – and the dark, cold days of the New Year don’t make it any easier. So start spring afresh and make giving up great again with the Great Give it Up this March! By donating the money you save to Neuroblastoma UK, you’ll be funding vital research to help deliver new, effective and kinder treatments for children with neuroblastoma. We won’t give up the fight against neuroblastoma – but can you give something up to help save young lives?”

Your donations will fund much-needed research to improve treatments and one day, find a cure for neuroblastoma.

  • £2 – or your daily coffee – could pay for a glass petri dish to help researchers grow and study cells, to understand the causes of neuroblastoma
  • £25 – or your weekly lunch – could buy a pack of microscope slides, enabling scientists to examine neuroblastoma cells in minute detail.
  • £50 – or filling up the car with petrol – could pay for equipment to help researchers grow neuroblastoma cells and study possible treatment of the disease.
  • £100 – or your weekly takeaway during March – could help pay for a DNA extraction kit, enabling researchers to develop personalised treatment for children with neuroblastoma.


This year’s campaign will run from 1st March to 31st March. Make your Great Give it Up pledge this World Cancer Day at our Great Give it Up challenge this March and help fight childhood cancer.