Common Issues Affecting The Taxi Trade


As if Coronavirus didn’t have enough of an impact on the taxi trade, it’s now causing further problems indirectly as the world tries its best to recover from this unprecedented pandemic. Here’s a run down of just a few of the legal considerations that Taxi companies all over the world are now having to face in order to do their best to continue as normal.

Partitions – What’s The Current Situation?

Social distancing looks set to be a part of our lives for quite some time despite the most worrying time being somewhat behind us. Despite many now trying their best to return to a more normal way of life, restrictions are still very much in place and one such way to maintain social distancing is through the use of a partition.

Why Do We Need Them?

Not only will these screens provide a physical barrier for the virus but it will also provide many with the confidence to travel in the first place. Not only for the customer, but for the driver too. Both parties need protection and with a physical barrier, that’s exactly what they get.

What Does The Law Say?

As with any industry, each different carriage license may have its own rules however, there’s no legislation currently out there that says a taxi company needs to apply for permission to fit a partition and one would be inclined to agree that having to seek permission would simply hold up any company’s ability to provide added protection quickly and efficiently.

Refusing Fares – What’s Standard Practice?

Since authorities announced that additional public health measures were required, there’s been much debate surrounding the need to wear masks in taxis and whether or not wearing a mask could be considered reasonable grounds to refuse someone entry.

What Does The Law Say?

It should also be noted that the Government has issued statements announcing face coverings are not mandatory, when “…travelling by taxis and public transport (for example trains, buses, coaches and ferries).” However the general government advice states to wear face masks when in an enclosed space. Would a taxi come under that heading? With confusion very much apparent for most, it’s worth moving onto refusing fares. The law states a fare cannot be refused without a reasonable excuse however this begs the question, what is a reasonable excuse?
It’s required of passengers to follow the advice of the driver which means if a driver asks you to wear a mask, you should wear a mask. It’s also worth noting that should you not comply with the driver, although somewhat vague, due to the again, vague information issued by the government, this could constitute a reasonable excuse, as could you displaying symptoms. Unfortunately it’s not one size fits all and it’s simply going to a be a case of taking extra precautions for most to ensure a safe journey for all as well as a refusal of fare.

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