Common Wedding Planning Mistakes That You Need to Avoid


Weddings are such special occasions, so it is understandable that people want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, wedding planning can be stressful and mistakes can happen. In this article, you will learn some of the most common wedding mistakes that you should avoid at all costs!

Not hiring a wedding planner

Not having a wedding planner is like not having a coach for a sports team. A planner is your wedding Yoda, and if you don’t have one then it’s like going to the mountain without climbing gear or looking for an expert in any other field.

You can’t plan everything yourself and wedding planning is not easy. Not to mention that wedding planners can save you a ton of time and money, so it’s worth the investment in your sanity!

Here is a list of reasons you should get a planner: 

  • wedding planning is overwhelming 
  • wedding planners can save you time and money 
  • wedding planners specialize in weddings, so they know the best options for your type of event. For example, if you’re having a sikh wedding, they will know who to contact for the best setups.
  • Wedding planners will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that everything gets done correctly on time.

If a planner isn’t an option you should consult some people who tied the knot recently or find advice elsewhere. You also have options on the internet where you can get planning tips from Yeah Weddings who will put you in the right direction. These alternatives are also good, but if you want a perfect wedding, the planner is the way to go. 

Hiring the wrong vendor for your event

Getting the wrong vendor for your wedding is one of the most common wedding planning mistakes. 

How to avoid getting the wrong vendor? First, you need to establish a budget and then Google search for companies that have similar services as what you are looking for. Finally, interview potential vendors by asking them about their experience in this particular field or type of event. For instance, wedding caterers should be able to share their previous experience with wedding catering.

Ideally, you want to hire someone who has been in business for at least five years as it will give you peace of mind that they will be on time, professional, and have the proper permits.

Choosing an expensive venue without considering other options

If a venue costs too much, wedding planners can look for less expensive options that will still provide the same type of feel. They should also consider other aspects such as guest list size, catering, and venue rental fees.

Another option is to create a wedding registry where friends/family members can purchase gifts off of an online wishlist rather than purchasing items from a physical wedding store.

Getting the wrong catering company

A good caterer is a wedding planner’s best friend. Not only does the caterer provide food, but they also help with menu planning and events logistics. If you find yourself without a catering company in tow before your wedding date rolls around, here are some tips to avoid getting stuck with an unreliable service provider:

Ask for references from other weddings and request prices upfront so there are no hidden fees. Check their website about vegan/vegetarian options or allergies, and only after that decide on one entrée option per meal.

Not establishing a budget

A budget is a must-do for wedding planning. Establishing a budget prior to beginning wedding preparations is the best way to avoid wedding mistakes, and it will also help couples stay within their allocated spending limit if they have one. When deciding on how much money to allocate toward your wedding, be sure not just to consider what you can afford, but instead, think about what percentage of your total savings or income this event deserves.

Planning it too close to a holiday

Never plan a wedding too close to Christmas or Easter because it’s likely to cause financial and scheduling issues. You could also wind up paying more for a venue and catering because of holiday rates, which is something you don’t want on your wedding budget!

People may not come because they are planning their holiday seasons and don’t want to attend another wedding. Avoid scheduling your wedding on major holidays and instead opt for a date in the middle of summer when no other big events are happening. 

Forgetting to plan for the honeymoon 

The honeymoon must be included in wedding planning. Forgetting to plan for the honeymoon can lead to disappointment and anger from newlywed couples if they are expecting some time off after all the hustle and bustles of wedding planning only to find out there was no budget allotted for them.  

One way around this common mistake is being clear with your partner as soon as possible how much you want to spend while also recognizing what’s realistic given both partners’ budgets. It doesn’t hurt either party to include savings items.

It’s important to plan ahead for your wedding. If you don’t, it can lead to mistakes and costly oversights that will have a negative impact on the memories of this special day. Planning is key! Make sure to get a planner and find useful tips on the internet, as well as look into vendors, catering, and venue options. Good luck and enjoy both your wedding and honeymoon.