Community sustainable hub opens at University of Greenwich


A brand-new community hub aimed at promoting sustainability has opened at the University of Greenwich, Greenwich campus. The hub,called Circular Textiles aims to create a space at the University of Greenwich where sustainable consumption practices and knowledge is shared and promoted with a view to providing solutions which can be easily replicated and actioned at collective and individual level.

Circular Textiles currently has facilities for swapping clothes, styling and repair workshops and public engagement events on sustainable consumption and production.

The Clothes Swap provides individuals with the opportunity to swap their pre-loved clothing for marbles during the Hub’s collection and drop off dates. On the swap day, those marbles can be exchange for any item of pre-loved clothing, depending on the number of marbles the item is valued at.

Workshops at the Repair Station provide the opportunity for individuals to learn how to repair and up-cycle their own clothing through the re-use of textiles that would otherwise be resigned to life in landfill.

Housed at the University of Greenwich, the hub is physically open to the local Greenwich community, and virtually to the wider world.

There to cut the ribbon and celebrate the opening were Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington, Pro-Vice Chancellor Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences Professor Mark O’Thomas, Head of Sustainability Simon Goldsmith, Head of Commercialisation and Innovation Rosemary Nunn and Professor Olga Martin-Ortega BHRE.

Circular Textiles is part of the university’s commitment to be a leader in tackling the climate emergency, as stated in the university’s strategy.