Craps Online- Play the Popular Dice Game in Vegas


You want the best bets and easy to play online casino games in Las Vegas? Craps online casino game is one of the best to try out. However, it would help if you were responsible for your cash for your bankroll to be safe. As a new player, you need to get proper details and information to understand the game. It will enable you to be on the winning side.

The following are the basics of the famous Las Vegas craps;

Playing Craps

Craps game is the most played in any online casino. The game is both easy and also complicated. The available betting arrangement determines this. You can find a game that is simple and straight to the point. Others are very complicated, making it hard for the players. You can learn the simple process and use it on a craps table or even online. The more you learn, the easier your chances of winning.

Every online casino has terminologies that are used in gaming. So that you know how to play Craps, you need to understand some of them. The terms are essential for both new players and experienced ones.

Every crap strategy has instructions that you may need to obey. Some of which include;

  • Starting every new game with a new shooter.
  • All games should move clockwise at the craps table.
  • No dice should fall off the craps table and should be rolled across.
  • Ensure the dealer has the ON button on whenever you want to play craps. It is necessary when you are not a shooter.

The Craps Table Layout

The crap table layout offers both simple to play craps and exotic craps bets. The most used and famous way to make a profit is the simple straight one. Having your bets on a pass or don’t pass gives you high winning chances of up to 50%. This is considered as one of the best odds in the entire Las Vegas.

How to play Craps and Make Your Point

The craps game has got rules on how to go about it. Whenever you choose to play the game, you should remember one crucial point. You don’t need to be a shooter for you to bet. You can bet pass by having a chip on the pass line. Whenever a seven or eleven appears, the shooter becomes the winner. However, when 2,3 or 12 appears, that’s a loss for the shooter. Apart from the mentioned numbers, we also have 4,5,6,8,9,10. If a shooter rolls one of the numbers, that becomes his point. And you win anytime you roll any of the point numbers before rolling a seven.

When a shooter bets don’t pass, they must roll 2,3, or 12. In most of the casinos, 12 is interpreted as a tie and, therefore, no winner. There are more pass bets than don’t pass bets. This is because many players do not like betting against each other. Playing pass or don’t pass is advantageous to the player with limited house advantage. You will get the best odds in any casino you choose to play in.

Vegas Dice Come and Don’t Come Bets.

The craps layout has the come and don’t come bets, which have the same odds as the pass and don’t pass. If you are after trying out the game or are interested in a quick game, go for it. You are allowed to put your bet on come or don’t come before the shooter finishes his play. Every rule that you adhere to while playing pass or don’t pass also applies to come and don’t come bets.

High-Odds Dice Bets

There are different bets for the craps game. There is 5 for 1, 10 for 1, 30 for 1, and 15 for 1 bet. Some of the bets are better avoided to spare you from losing a lot of money. However, some bets pay high odds when specific combinations come up. The odds are not high enough to compensate you. The odds get worse with every high payout. For example, betting $1 for each of the 100 rolls exposes you to a $95 loss to get back $75.

The Vegas Big 6 and Big 8 Bets

The craps game has many layouts that you should be careful to choose. Most of the bets on the layout are a letdown. The Big 6 and big 8 bets pay a dollar for a dollar bet. However, it is expected to pay high odds since having a seven showing up is a natural outcome. The attractive bets are an advantage to the casino with over 1.4%. This is greater than the other bets like pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come. Any player trying to excite the crowd with such fancy moves ends up losing a lot of cash.


It is important to understand how payouts work in any online casino in Las Vegas. This will help you maximize on a wager for winning. To make the most of your money, do make sure to apply bonus codes for betting, as this will unlock lucrative promotions that will keep your bankroll healthy. If you understand how the craps works, you will get the best bet in the casino game.

The Craps Table Etiquette

At the craps table, you should have some basic points in mind. Ensure that you have your chips stacked in front of you. You should always have one die well visible at all times when shooting. When you are ready to throw the dice, make sure they hit the back-table wall to bounce into play. You can blow them the way other players do without overdoing.

If you are at the table and do not want to be a shooter, you can always pass over the dice. Ensure to place a come or don’t come dice bet only when the shooter has the dice. Having tips for the stickman can also save you cash. The stickman will always look out for you. Lastly, of all the said points about craps in Las Vegas, the most important is strategy. Always gamble responsibly.


Written by: Evonne Nelima