Cryptology review: The leading cryptocurrency exchange platform


The best cryptocurrency exchange for most new and experienced traders

The number of people interested in cryptocurrency keeps going up each year. However, to enter the industry, you require an exchange to purchase and sell currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Many reviews are talking about the features to consider when choosing an exchange. There are also articles listing the top platforms.

Experts write about the best exchanges to help customers not get scammed. But, unfortunately, as the cryptocurrency sector keeps advancing, more fake companies keep emerging. They advertise attractive features to lure traders who end up losing their money.

One of the crypto exchanges worth considering is Cryptology. The platform emerged in 2018. Since then, traders have enjoyed exceptional services that are not in most similar media.

The service is global. Only people in the US and Japan have no access to it.

You will find a variety of payment options, low charges, fast support, or anything else.

The instant exchange cryptocurrency platform

The best crypto trading online service gets operated by a company in Seychelles. The website features a straightforward layout and a user-friendly interface. If it is your first time using an exchange, you will know how to operate the site because nothing is complicated. Besides, there are support representatives who are always willing to assist anyone that faces a challenge.

The trading service is available in many languages. Among them are:


The open source cryptocurrency exchange accounts

The simple trading platform has a straightforward way to become a member. New users provide the following:

· Username.

· Email.

· Password.

Upon providing the above details, you will receive a confirmation email.


The trading company requires all users to undergo verification. Only verified users can take part in trading, making deposits, and withdrawing funds.

There are two verification levels, and each one has its benefits.

1. Basic

The verification gives members a maximum deposit of ten thousand dollars. You need to provide the following to pass this step:

· Name.

· Identity proof.

· Photo with ID.

2. Full

The verification has no limit to the amount customers can deposit on the platform. However, you must provide the following documents to pass this step:

· Residence proof.

· Name.

· Address.

· The issuer.

The reliable cryptocurrency exchange features

The exchange has impressive features.

1. Buy cryptocurrency

The option lets you buy and sell crypto. You can do so against RUB, EUR, or USD. The exchange supports the following:


Customers can convert Bitcoin to Tether and vice versa.

1. Exchange service

The flexible layout comprises several trading pairs, market charts, and tools for analyzing.

You can trade cryptocurrency against fiat or stable coins through limits, market orders, and stop-limit.

Below are the supported pairs:

1. Futures

The futures sector allows placing perpetual trades with 100x leverage.

You can pick from cross-margin and isolated places.

The company keeps trades safe with the help of mitigations systems, thus minimizing the default high volatility danger.

Other available things are the insurance fund and the auto-deleveraging systems.

1. Earn

The Earn feature distinguished the trading company from other similar service providers. Through it, you can gain as much as 15% per year. Moreover, the function is available to everyone except Malta, Hong Kong SAR, and Switzerland.

The holding durations are as below:

Flexible period.
One month.
Three months.

Staking CRO brings better yearly interest rates.

The Earn feature lets you gain from the following:


The Earn feature reward is high compared to what banking companies offer. Users get paid in the currency they use to deposit funds.

Customers can analyze their daily interests on the overall earning section.

Quick entry and low charges at the best cryptocurrency coin exchange

The trading platform’s goal is to offer traders an affordable and easy-to-use service. Your cryptocurrency history cannot prevent you from benefiting from the website. Anyone can trade without risks since the lowest order size is 0.10 dollars.

The trading fees and commissions are also reasonable amounts. The investors and takers get charged only 0.002, while rollover and overnight futures have no charges.

Customers only incur a small amount when making fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

The cash cryptocurrency exchange deposits and withdrawals

A trading platform requires users to make payments to access the crypto market. Also, after making profits, one has to withdraw.

Payments get processed through the following options:

Deposit Express.
Wire transfer.
Cryptos such as TRC20, ERC20, and USDT.

Withdrawal methods

The website allows customers to use any of the supported cryptocurrencies except BCH. Wire transfer is also another withdrawal option. Users can use an alternative like SEPA.

You can only use wire transfers if you are a verified member.

The wire transfer option does not charge users when making payments. Customers only incur some fees when withdrawing.

All the trading platform payment methods are simple, rendering them ideal for beginners. In addition, the availability of many transaction options also makes the trading platform flexible.

Safety and customer services at your own cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency is a large industry that attracts a lot of malicious individuals. There have been cyberattacks and hacks in the previous years. The best crypto trading company has the necessary safety measures to protect both the users and the website.

The first way to ensure safety is by having 2-factor authentication options. The procedure prevents third parties from accessing customers’ accounts. The safety measure additionally protects trading site functions like editing passwords and making withdrawals.

The online platform also uses SSL encryption to keep the database safe. In addition, the technology identifies and sixes loopholes on the site.

The platform also has a support system. However, no matter how straightforward it is, customers can get stuck or need to ask a question. In that case, there is an excellent team of representatives. They are always available to attend to clients that need help.

You may not always need to contact a support representative because the site has an FAQ page. The section gives answers to the most commonly asked questions.


A lot has gotten said regarding the best crypto exchange. As seen from the review, the platform is credible and decent enough to give users the best trading services worldwide. Unfortunately, it is only traders in Japan and the United States who cannot use it. However, the operators might extend their services to those places in the future.

You can check the website using your computer or phone if you need to confirm the information in this review. The site is ideal for experienced traders and starters in the cryptocurrency sector.