Crystal Maze LIVE opens in 100 days in London’s West End


Wondering what to do on Brexit day? The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience offers the perfect escape from the chaos.

19th December marks 100 days until Brexit, and a lot can happen in 100 days. Remember President Trump’s first 100 days in office?

In 100 days, the all-new Crystal Maze LIVE Experience that spans over three floors, boasting 32 new games, hosted by more than 60 maze masters, and big enough for nearly 1,000 players a day, will be ready for unveil in the heart of London’s West End – the Trocadero.

Rather than wondering where you stand, and what will be on 29th March as Britain reaches the final straight of Brexit, grab a bunch of mates, head over to the new maze on Shaftesbury Avenue and forget real life for just 90 minutes instead.

Boasting a £5 million investment, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is welcoming all leavers and remainers to battle it out at the brand-new attraction in Piccadilly as the ideal Brexit plan.

Based on the outrageously popular 90s TV show, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience invites teams of up to eight to complete a series of challenges against the clock in the four incredibly themed zones: Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic.

Guided through the attraction by an eccentric Maze Master, the aim of the game is to secure as many crystals as possible, resulting in a set amount of time in the iconic Crystal Dome: the final challenge.

The Angel attraction will be remaining open for an extra month until 28th January 2019, due to unprecedented demand and tickets to book slots for the all-new maze until the end of July are now on sale. All visits must be booked in advance by visiting