CYBUR CEO Charles Glar Has Innovative Plans to Help Businesses Survive and Thrive During the Pandemic Era


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, CYBUR, an artificial-intelligence start up wants to do something to help the businesses in need. Many businesses are facing the economic repercussions of the virus and they simply do not have the money to put into building a custom website. With over 100,000 businesses already closed, CYBUR’s CEO Charles Glar wants to help in any way he can.

So for the next 6 months, CYBUR will be providing free access to dozens of its premium services from monthly analytics and marketing assistance to web design and human/AI support. The company has helped more than 10,000 businesses grow their customer base through many of these services it is now providing for free.

CYBUR uses its artificial intelligence system along with human design teams to make SEO-friendly websites fast and efficiently while still preserving the aspect of ‘human touch.’ The process begins with CYBUR’s AI system compiling data from a company’s already existing website which then creates a clean, smooth, and SEO-perfect site within minutes. Accurate and precise search engine optimization (SEO) practices will prevent websites from being invisible to potential customers and help any business thrive around the globe.

From there the company can provide feedback and pointers for the new site to human design teams to ensure the new website is unique and perfect for the company’s purposes. These same design teams will continue to work alongside the company to ensure the site stays up to date on market trends and business pattern changes for years to come. CYBUR is genuinely reaching out with a helping hand to any companies in need of these services as well as others.

“During the pandemic, l realized that businesses needed a platform that would help them thrive in the post-COVID era,” Glar (CEO of CYBUR) said. “Many businesses need help adapting to a more technologically driven environment.”

Companies looking to take advantage of this currently free service will get the chance to have a real say in the look, design, and functionality of their sites while maintaining the option to independently change aspects as they see fit.

A great advantage to using this service for your company’s site is that the AI system’s auto-evolving technology ensures that itswebsites never become outdated. The technology is state of the art but the human aspect of the process truly puts a human face on artificial intelligence.

Starting on December 7th, small businesses in over 100+ industries will be eligible to take advantage of these free services for 6 months. According to Glar, he is just getting started with offering assistance. He plans to expand CYBUR’s free services offer to other industries around the globe well into 2022. Glar hopes to help companies not only recover from the economic impact of the Coronavirus, but come back better than before.