Dapper Laughs weigh’s in on “cringeworthy” Jack Jones video


by Elle Prior

Prankster Jack Jones has faced the music from his brutal fan base after a rather cringeworthy video he posted which demonstrated how people scared of wasps react!

The video uploaded last week with the caption “When your friend hates wasps !!! ????fb.me/xJI9e0QP” has been greeted by brutal criticism on both Twitter and Facebook.

Comedian Dapper Laughs weighed in on the situation tweeting the video out to his followers with the caption “Comments on this are brutal, shocking you still think people are that dumb to still believe these pranks. Time to change it up I think!

Whilst one follower reacted “IT would be funny if she throat punched this helmet ! That is all !”

Another follower quipped “I think it’s beyond changing it up for Jack. I think it’s time for him to just stop. For the good of the planet. Pizza delivery beckons.”

The prank video seemingly showcases the worst form of acting and viewers could actually show that those appearing in the video seemed prepared for the prank. 

A spokesperson for Jones refused to comment when approached by London Post this afternoon.