David Kang of Prosperity Trading finds motivation in “growth”

  • Successful stock trader and founder of Prosperity Trading, David Kang, highlights “growth” as his source of motivation

David Kang started trading stocks at a relatively young age after overhearing his colleagues in college talking about trading. David became hugely successful in a relatively short while and has gone on to help other people achieve success, training more than 10,000 students in different parts of the world. The young stock trader did not achieve his remarkable feat on the platter of gold, overcoming several challenges as an individual and entrepreneur. When asked about his key motivation and the factor that has kept him going despite the several obstacles he has faced, David highlighted “growth” as the drive.

Growth. Life is all about growth. It is a process. I enjoy and have fallen in love with the process. I want to know where my max potential lies. I want to reach my max potential that God created me to be at. I want to max out,” said David Kang.

After hearing about stock trading from his friends and going ahead to check out StockTwits as recommended, David went ahead to hone his skills and develop his strategies for trading profitably. His desire to impact the lives of as many people as possible across the globe led to the creation of an account on StockTwits, with the name Mister_Investor. He quickly became famous thanks to the trading ideas he shared on the platform and the success his followers achieved. However, Mister_Investor seemingly became bigger than StockTwits. This led to the creation of Prosperity Trading to reach a wider audience and help more people earn good money while trading stocks.

I want to use my gifts to help others and see their journey/process too and help them along. I want to keep working hard until I lay in my death bed knowing I gave it my all and fulfilled all of my duties to the best of my abilities in this world,” David Kang said.

Over the years, David Kang has grown to become a populartrader and coach in the world of stock trading. As a young and passionate e-trader, David has been able to affect the lives of tons of people in different parts of the world.

Prosperity Trading has continued to grow in popularity and acceptance and the platform looks set to disrupt the stock trading industry, especially as David has identified his motivation to be “growth.”