Deliveroo Riders Can Have Their Hair Cut FOR FREE As Thanks For Their Work Over Lockdown


Deliveroo riders in London and Manchester can now have their hair cut completely free of charge as a thank you for their work across the COVID-19 period. London School of Barbering, the UK’s leader in barber training is offering free haircuts, wet shaves and beard trimming to Deliveroo riders throughout August, September and October 2020.

To claim their free haircut, riders just need to visit the London School of Barbering website to redeem their code and book an appointment. Riders must show their Deliveroo rider app and Rider ID on arrival or payment will be required. Government standard PPE is in place in all LSB locations, and disposable masks and gowns are available for all clients.

Michael Kontos, Company Director at London School of Barbering said, “London School of Barbering is pleased to offer riders with Deliveroo free haircuts. These riders continue to serve as key workers who keep communities running during these periods of lockdown and restricted movement. We are thankful for their hard work and commitment. London School of Barbering wants to give back by providing them with another essential service: a haircut, free of charge. This offer will be valid for the 3 months of August, September and October 2020.”

Kate Lewis, Global Rider Comms Lead at Deliveroo said, ‘During the Covid-19 pandemic, our riders have played an incredibly vital role as key workers, and have gone above and beyond to support and provide food and essentials for vulnerable members of their community. It’s heartwarming to see companies like London School of Barbering offering riders a free haircut as a token of appreciation for their work over these incredibly difficult past few months.’

Deliveroo riders can redeem their free haircuts from any of London School of Barbering’s three locations in London Farringdon, London Liverpool Street and Manchester City Centre.