Didi Conn launches a NOW TV pop-up screening experience

'Didi Conn celebrates the 40th anniversary of Grease with NOW TV in a recreation of Frenchy's bedroom from the iconic sleepover scene in the film. Fans can celebrate the anniversary and stream the film on NOW TV with a Sky Cinema Pass for £9.99.'

Didi Conn, Frenchy from the hit movie Grease, launches a NOW TV pop-up screening experience on Bateman Street to celebrate Grease’s 40th anniversary.

The event is being held on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May and will give fans the chance to step back in time to the fabulous fifties and iconic sleepover scene from the film – watching a screening of the film in an exact replica of Frenchy’s bedroom.

On arrival, hopelessly devoted fans will enjoy the pop-up’s patterned pink wallpaper, plush carpets, satin-fringed curtains, and Rydell High flags. There will even be a giant panda toy poised to paw Rizzo’s silky drawers.

Attendees who have been lucky enough to win a free ticket through an Eventbrite ballot will be able to take friends to enjoy retro food and drink while they watch this unique screening of Grease on NOW TV. Plus, for those really wanting a ‘look at me I’m Sandra Dee’ moment, props will be scattered in the room – rollers, hair nets, jackets and much more.

The ballot for Friday 11th May 15:00 and 18:00 sessions is open until Thursday 10th May at 11:00 at https://nowtvgrease.eventbrite.co.uk