DiscoPig the Guinea Pig abandoned at London underground lands on his feet


A guinea pig that was abandoned at Canning Town underground station in London with a note reading “I need a new owner” has found a loving new home after an RSPCA appeal.

DiscoPig – named so by the RSPCA inspector that rescued him – is now loving life in a cosy home surrounded by new friends. The adorable Abyssinian Guinea Pig was rehomed very quickly after an appeal by the animal welfare charity to find out what happened to him made headlines around the world.

Now his new owners say they hope his newfound fame encourages others to rescue pets rather than buying them from pet shops. The RSPCA has many more guinea pigs on Find A Pet looking for loving new family members.

Hannah Resnick, a Contract Performance Manager for the London underground, and her partner George Greene contacted RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre when they read about DiscoPig being abandoned on his own at an underground station in London.

Hannah said: “We already have three guinea pigs and knew we could offer him a loving new home. I also work for the London underground and I know how scary it must have been for the poor guinea pig.

“I met him the following weekend and it was an easy yes to bringing him home, he is so adorable. As soon as I heard his story of being left behind I knew I had to help him, especially with the link to my work. It also broke my heart knowing how he was out in the cold and feeling lonely and I was determined to adopt him.

“He is settling in really well, he is now bonded with his older brothers Twirl, Chip and Truffle. As soon as he got here he had lots of yawns and then got to relaxing on his new sofa! He keeps popcorning (jumping up and down with excitement) at his new home and he loves a neck rub and a cuddle. He is being really spoiled and he fits so well into our family!

“Adopting DiscoPig was such an easy process. I’d recommend anyone looking for a new pet to check out the RSPCA centres and branches first. There are dozens of Guinea Pigs still looking for new homes – I know DiscoPig got a lot of interest and we are very lucky to have him, but all those other lovely piggies are so deserving of another chance too!”.

Hannah keeps DiscoPig’s fans up to date on social media, with her Tiktok page @2guineasinapod.

Susannah Walters, Manager at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre said: “It is great that we were able to find DiscoPig a new home so quickly. His new owner already had guinea pigs which is perfect as they are sociable animals, and she clearly has a loving home for him.

“There are many more Guinea Pigs and other rodents in RSPCA care looking for new homes, so we would encourage people to look on Find A Pet if they would like to adopt one.

There is plenty of information about how to look after a guinea pig on the RSPCA website.”

The RSPCA has created a dedicated Cost of Living Hub with practical help and advice on the charity’s website and has a telephone helpline to support callers who are worried about the cost of living crisis – 0300 123 0650 – open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

This year the RSPCA celebrates its 200th birthday. To mark this special anniversary the animal welfare charity wants to inspire one million people to join their movement to improve animals’ lives. To find out how you can join their million-strong movement for animals visit www.rspca.org.uk/200.