Born Deimas Hanye Rasla, this young man found his musical interest throughout the guitar at the age of 10. Although he has been a rapper since the age of 13, his debut project “KURTWOOD” has solidified his spot in his hometown (Montreal, Canada).

He has then, released multiple singles and EP’s, including Cut Throat and Hood Doctor, who were featured on editorial playlists. DMAZ’slatest body of work is called ‘Rick Roll’. All of these projects are beautiful; a thoroughly executed blend of a heartfelt yet enthusiastic experience. Once again, these bodies of work remind us why DMAZ is here to stay.

You can listen to his new banger here –


Thanks for your time today! How has 2019 been treating you? Musically, did you approach this year any differently than you did last year? 

Thanks for having me. 2019 has been great. It has been a very fruitful year musically, I worked with many artists/producers and instrumentalists to craft songs I feel can go down as classics. I’ve always experimented with sounds because I really want to push the culture forward. The difference is that this year, I have been doing it unapologetically, which resulted in a very sincere delivery on my part. No filtering myself, no second guessing, just being myself. 

 Where does this interview find you today? Is there music playing in the background? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood?

I’m currently in my home-studio, laying down with my girlfriend. We got some of my unreleased music playing, we’re just vibing to it. Now that I think of it, I don’t feel like there is any music that can change my mood. But on the other hand, creating music definitely helps me channel my energy and I feel like that helps more than just listening. 

Growing up, have you always wanted to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory?

I think I found out about my desire to create music around the age of 10. I remember hearing the guitar in a song, and being moved by it. That’s when I begged my parents for one on Christmas. I ended up receiving one of those small toy guitars for children. I was practicing everyday, watching youtube videos and trying to get better. Around the age of 13, that’s when I started rapping and producing beats. It all feels like a blur now that we fast forward to today. 

 If you weren’t a musician today, what else could you see yourself doing?

I really don’t see myself doing anything else. I live and breathe music. Although, when I blow up, I do want my own cooking show. I love cooking. I can already imagine having celebrity chefs try my food. A lot of people don’t know that I can “cook” more than just beats. 

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now.

I come from Montreal, Canada. Where I come from, it’s very multicultural. I’m grateful to live in such a melting pot of culture. Everyday, I’m exposed to different foods, people and music. I get the opportunity to learn, see, hear and taste different things every day. I love it. This definitely allows me to implement my experiences into my musical endeavours. 

Let’s talk about your newest SINGLE called “Rick Roll”.Where did the inspiration for this SINGLE come from?

Remember how we use to get trolled on youtube? Remember how we were getting cat-fished into clicking on a video, only to see that Rick Roll video? So apply that to real life. Imagine thinking you know someone, just to find out that they’re not really who they portray themselves to be. You just got Rick Rolled. He/Shewas a fraud all along, and you fell for it. That was the inspiration, I fell for a charade and made a song 

How do you think that being a musician has helped you live your best life? Can you talk about the joy that it brings you today?

Remember when I mentioned channeling energy? It helps me get things out of my head and put them on a song. At my shows, seeing everybody sing my lyrics word for word. That brings me priceless joy. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

More songs, more collabs & more visuals.

Who are some of your very favoriteartists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? 

I love guitarist such as Steve Vaiand Slash, they bring me back to beginning of this all. In Hip-Hop, I look up to Andre 3k, Pharrel, Lil Wayne and so many more. I could go on for days. 

What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future? 

Man, if I could work with Steve Vai, we would make some wild stuff. I also want to work with producers, most notably Wondagurl, Boi-1da & Just Blaze. Definitely with a couple more rappers and legends but those are the ones that stand out. 

What do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?

I don’t really have a message or hope for anything in particular. I want people to take it however they want. Music is so relative so what it means to me might be interpreted in a totally different way. I just want to have fun while I’m telling my story.

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