Do Loft Conversions Require Planning Permission?


It’s a question asked by many; do loft conversions need planning permission? In short, the vast majority of loft conversions do not need planning for the simple reason that they fall under the category of ‘permitted development rights’. With that being said however, there will always be loft conversions of a slightly more in-depth nature that will require planning permission. These are the ones that exceed planning limits and require alterations to the structure of the roof itself and the roof space within.

Loft Conversions And Permitted Development

Let’s take a closer look at loft conversions and what exactly falls under permitted development.

A Loft conversion falls under the title of permitted development if it meets the conditions lined out below:

  • If your house is terraced, the new loft space can be no more than 40 cubic metres.
  • If your house is detached or semi-detached, it can be no more than 50 cubic metres.
  • It must not extend beyond the original plane of the existing roof slope.
  • It must not extend higher than the existing highest point.
  • It must not include verandas, balconies or any raised platforms.
  • It must incorporate materials of a similar appearance to those already in use.
  • If side facing windows are installed, obscured glass must be used.
  • Any side facing windows must be a minimum of 1.7m above ground level.
  • Your home cannot be located in particular areas (you must check with your local council to find out if you are within a specific area), examples of which are national parks, world heritage sites etc.
  • A roof extension must be set back 20cm from original eaves with the exception of hip to gable.
  • Must not overhang the outer wall of the original house.

All of the above rules outline what can be done under the title of ‘permitted development’ however, more information can be found in Schedule 2, Part 1, Class B or The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

Need Planning Permission? Jump Online

If the loft conversion you want looks set to make alterations which fall outside of permitted development then you’ll need planning permission. Thankfully, this can now all be done online.  Simply apply with your plans via the planning portal online if you’re located in England. If you’re in Scotland you’ll need to access the ePlanning website or the Welsh Planning Portal if, you guessed it, you’re in Wales.

If you’d like more help and advice on loft conversions, what comes under permitted development or even help with planning permission, we advise contacting the loft conversion specialists at Clapham Construction Service. With over 20 years experience in extensions and loft conversions specifically, you can rest assured you’ll be in the hands of the experts every step of the way. Call them today on 020 3950 7957.