Dr Anna Kennedy OBE opens up about interviewing author Deborah Brownson


by Dr Anna Kennedy OBE | E-Editions

This week my guest on Women’s Radio Station is Deborah Brownson MBE . I met Deborah on social media and we met for the first time at The Autism Heto Awards this year.

Deborah talks to me about how her life experiences and vocational skills, have led to her in becoming an advocate for vulnerable people and for change.

Having two amazing sons who have been diagnosed with Autism, she knows first-hand the challenges that people with disabilities face and how hard life can be for them and their families.

This empathy
drives her to ensure that all areas of her work, ultimately make the world a better place for them.

Deborahs mission is to change the global perception of autism, to allow autistic people to thrive in their families, in education, in employment and live healthy and happy lives.

She gave up paid employment as a Solicitor in 2006, to devote herself fully to this work.

Deborah is author of ‘He’s Not Naughty! A Children’s Guide to Autism’

You can hear Deborah’s interview sharing her story on Women’s Radio Station Monday to Friday at 3pm.