Dynamic Duo teaching women rap to empower them in the workplace


Leadership expert Janet Taras and female Rapper Lady Lykez have collaborated to launch RAP into the workplace to help employees build confidence, assertion and empower them to have more difficult conversations. Think about it, have you ever met an insecure rapper?

These two women are bringing their signature sessions into the corporate space because they believe it will encourage more people to express their frustrations at work in a productive way. When used properly, rap offers the perfect recipe to allow for a healthy vent while helping to rationalise anger and ultimately build the courage to express their thoughts. Rap, like most music, has the power to change moods but Taras & Lykez take this genre even further by encouraging people to find a more authentic voice through rhyming verse, and by building confidence with some respectful attitude.

Studies show that avoiding difficult conversations can cause an adverse effect on mental health. Based on research published by the American Psychological Association, repressed anger can also weaken our immune systems making us more susceptible to physical illness, leading to time off work.

Janet’s current keynote speeches and training programs have unleashed 1000s of suppressed conversations over the past 5 years, resulting in better team collaboration and increased productivity. She is also a rapper (albeit an amateur middle-aged white mum rapper) and writes lyrics to help her deal with everyday stress. Mrs. Taras says: “Our silence has consequences, some of which could be very harmful to ourselves and our business. We need to speak up more often, respectfully, in a way that people will listen”. Janet has inspired women from all different sizes and types of companies from Merck pharmaceuticals to Prudential insurance.

“Janet inspires a generation. We need more women like her in the world, that encourage others to support one another and to build each other up.” Devika, GSK

Lady Lykez is a female rapper to be reckoned with, after breaking through with her super-fast flows and lyrical delivery. She has called out all the Male MCs to clash her in a rap battle and is the only female to have ever clashed a guy on the legendary Lord of the Mics platform. Her tracks feature prominent female empowerment messages including positive body image, equality, relationships and confidence in females.

Lykez currently offers rap workshops to schools across the UK teaching kids to use rhyme to build confidence. She has been commissioned by schools and NHS to write rhymes to deal with serious topics such as STD’s, peer pressure, gangs and body confidence. “Rap helps you to express yourself and make sense of the things you are usually too afraid to say. It’s a release and helps emotional wellbeing and it also boosts confidence as it’s such an empowering medium to communicate. I believe that everyone can use the benefits of rap to communicate better!”
Both Janet and Lady Lykez, like most women in the world, have overcome struggles stemming from society’s patriarchal habits which has made them both avid women’s rights activists.