Electric mopeds to buy in UK


Electric-powered mopeds are modern vehicles suitable for inner-city and suburban travel. The same category also includes motorbikes with an electric motor, whose speed does not exceed 28 miles per hour and scooters with a gasoline engine of 50 cubic meters. 

Modern electric scooters do not require high operating and maintenance costs. In addition, they have long-lasting batteries. 

Today a number of models of electric mopeds are the most popular and in demand in the UK.  

Peugeot E-Ludix

The predecessors of the model are ordinary Ludix on internal combustion engines, which have been produced for the last 15 years. At the moment, the electric version is a popular budget option in many European countries. 

The E-Ludix is equipped with a Bosch motor and battery. Its construction is initially oriented to the buyers of the low-cost segment. 

Features of the vehicle are:

  • drive range: 31 miles;
  • maximum speed: 31 mph;
  • battery recharging time: 4 hours.

The 2.5 kW electric motor provides a continuous movement of the vehicle for a distance of more than 30 miles at a maximum speed of 31 miles per hour. The product has an affordable price. It is recommended that you purchase this model only from reputable, trusted suppliers who can provide quality warranty service for a long period of time.   

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery. It can be charged 2000 times. 

To increase battery life, the E Ludix model uses a kinetic energy recovery method to induce a certain amount of charge when the vehicle is braking. 

The model belongs to the class of lightweight scooters. Its mass is only 88 kg. In terms of ease of movement and maneuverability, E Ludix is not inferior to electric scooters in many respects. 


NIU has been exploring European markets since the first electric models were launched. Today, there are several series of scooters available: N, M, and U. The U version is considered the most inexpensive, while N is the most successful in terms of quality and features.  

The working properties of the U-class models are as follows:

  • drive range: 25 to 37 miles;
  • speed limit: 28 mph;
  • battery charging period: 7 hours.

The model became popular after successful Kickstarter financing, as well as the publication of a number of articles in Forbes magazine. 

At the moment, NIU electric scooters are the best solution for regular urban trips. The vehicle does not require expensive service measures, and also has an attractive, remarkable design. The pros of mopeds include not only competitive price, but also the availability of warranty of 2 years for components and 3 years – for the battery. At the moment, this model is especially popular in Europe and China.   

Super Soco CUX

The moped has a longer charging time than previous models – 7-8 hours. The drive range without recharging is 40 miles, which is a big plus for the Super Soco. Another advantage is a fairly powerful Bosch 1300W engine.  

Super Soco CUX has an attractive design, it is the prototype of many previous generations of Italian mopeds. According to numerous experts, the undeniable advantages of the new modification of the scooter include:

  • bright, highly visible LEDs;
  • possibility of starting and locking the engine without using the key;  
  • reliable alarm system. 

Performance characteristics:

  • drive range: 40 miles
  • maximum speed: 28 mph
  • battery charging time: 8 hours.

The CUX has ideal maneuverability and speed characteristics. The process of driving the vehicle is not difficult. You will not encounter the usual difficulties in controlling the clutch and gearbox of many moped models. 

Scooter battery life is 3 years, which corresponds to the mileage of 50000 km of transport. Today, Super Soco is making great progress on the market, actively cooperating with another famous motorcycle giant, Ducati.