Electronic Cigarette vs Normal Cigarette


Losing weight and losing the habit of smoking could be satisfying because, in both cases, you are moving towards betterment. However, the weight loss journey can be much easier than losing the smoking habit. Do You know why? The reason is that you can find many healthy alternatives in your diet, but you can’t find many promising alternatives for the traditional cigarettes in the market.

There are certainly too many alternatives to traditional cigarettes, but there is one alternative which has quite good results: “E-cigarette or Electronic cigarette”. Digital and electronic cigarette work with a battery that vaporize a solution. There is nicotine in this solution, and the purpose of these cigarettes is to offer the inhaling sense of tobacco without smoking. You can check out these e-liquid concentrates if you are looking for good quality electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have different names like E-hookahs, vapes, vape pens, electronic nicotine delivery system, mods and tank system. E-cigarettes have one heating element, battery and deposit place to keep a liquid. There are some e-cigarettes that looks like pipes, cigars and normal cigarettes, while other looks like USB sticks and everyday things.

In this article, we’ll discover if E-cigarettes are really less harmful than conventional smoking methods and the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Let’s begin!

Why are E-Cigarettes Less Harmful than Traditional Ones?

As a smoker have you ever felt uncomfortable lighting a cigarette on the bus, because of the smells of your cigarette? No, you are not smelly; instead, it is the smell of the smoke that makes people run away from you. However, the smell of E-cigarettes cannot stay with you for a long. This happens because there is no combustion and no smoke. Inside the device, an atomiser creates vapours by heating up the E-liquid, which leads you to smell only the delicate traces arriving out of the device.

Another big reason why E-cigs are better than traditional cigarettes is that they offer various e-liquid flavours. Usually, in the traditional cigarette, the brand launches different variants, but in the end, the smell of smoke is always the same and it remains in the air for hours. There are more than 7000 different e-liquid flavours available in the e-cigarettes market and it is nice to switch between different flavours according to your preferences.

If you haven’t found above any reasons able to convince you, let’s take a look at the benefits!

Benefits of E-Cigarettes

  1. Less Risky than Smoking

No doubt, vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. According to their research, vaping is 95% less damaging than conventional smoking. There is no combustion in vaping, while regular traditional cigarettes create carbon monoxide and tar that leads to long term damages to human health. When you are smoke-free, you have improved heart functions and lungs and even a better smell and taste sense.

  1.  You Can Control the Vapour Output

One of the best thing about E-cigarette is that you can handle the vapour amount which you exhale. Most of the time, people, while vaping, like to use small devices for the low volume of vapour and more significant devices for cloud chasing. You can adjust the power airflow, output, and coil types to tune your vapour volume, influencing the flavour. It’s totally up to you whether you would like to be sneaky or subtle with your E-cigarettes.

  1. Satisfaction is an Instant

Many simpler E-cig products are ready to use and prefilled, but only advanced vapes might need initial tampering. Nonetheless, once the vape is ready, you just need to push the drawing device or button, and you are good to go. Moreover, all the E-cigarettes need an E-liquid and charged battery to keep on working, and an average device can uphold throughout the day with no or less maintenance.

4. Price Range for Everyone

The market of vaping is now competitive and large. Electronic cigarette devices are available in the market that suits every user’s budget. No matter if you want a refined vape or disposable electronic cigarette, there is a vape for every vaper out there.

  1. Control of Nicotine

Unlike traditional cigarettes, you have total control over the dosage of nicotine in E-cigarettes. You can select how much nicotine you want in vape or even no nicotine at all.

Final Verdict

By this time, you have got the idea of vaping. One thing to keep in mind here, everything has its pros and cons. An ecig is a combustion-free product that makes smoking toxic. If you are looking for good E-cigarettes options, you can have a look on Terpy Website.