Enriching Lives With Passion-Shah Mujahed’s Journey As An Influencer


Communication has become quite easy with the advent of digitalization. People are taking to social and digital platforms to share their stories as well as become an influence. Influencers play a great part in today’s marketing industry. However, lifestyle and travel influencers are the ones that bring the best glimpses for the people.

Shah Mujahed from Hong Kong is a travel photographer and is on the journey to becoming one of the most influencing personalities in the world. He has been into photography for quite some time and has invested most of his career in grabbing some of the most amazing photos.

One of the intriguing elements about him is that he has been actively taking part in social media marketing and is a qualified expert in SMM. Apart from that, Shah also took his ventures upwards by founding “Catalyseur,” an online shop for handmade and unique accessories that sells globally.

From hiking trips to tours, Shah has created a portfolio of some of the most amazing pictures. Apart from that, he has actively been taking part in raising voice against biases and racism against his people. He has also donated 15% of the proceeds from the online store to the Yemen Crises Fund.

In a close and personal interview with Shah, sources got to know about his work and what motivates him to continue his journey. “I’ve always had an unwavering passion for photography. I just enjoy clicking things all around me. The reason is that I love cherishing things and it makes a memory book for. Traveling around the world will not only allow me to see the world as it is but it’ll help me connect with other people. For me, a connection is the most important thing.

There’s so much here that you are bound to miss out. That is why connecting with people through my photography makes me feel that they’re right here with me. For me, I want to influence people in enjoying their lives by cherishing what surrounds them. Maybe that’s why people think of me as of gentle nature which is what we need for this world. If everyone can be gentle, it’ll reduce so many problems around us. That is what I want to show to others with my photography that there’s so much around us to feel. So why all the hate and terror? That is what I aim, to make people feel free and lively.” Said Shah.

His determination and entrepreneurial skills have led to success. With over 11k followers on Instagram, Shah is already progressing superbly in his direction. He’s clear about his motives and strives to communicate with people via his photos.

Apart from that, he’s invested himself in perfecting his skills. Photography isn’t easy and there’s always so much to learn in everything. That is what keeps Shah going in his venture. He aims to provide a reason for people to enjoy life by filling their views with his magical photography. What’s left to see is how well does he’s able to proceed in his venture.