Entrepreneur Jan Jens Finds A Clean Break


He is 27, founded and runs a multi-million dollar luxury rental business in Miami, has
Forbes articles written on his successes, and, he is single… actually I can’t verify this
but there isn’t much that can make this guy more enviable anyway. Yet, it wasn’t
always like this for Jens, the German migrant who traded in a comfortable job
working for his family construction business to build his own business.

His humble beginnings engrained in him a desire to create something for himself that goes
beyond living comfortably – something that motivated him with passion and drive.
The self-confessed workaholic barely takes his eyes off the prize, even if his
business is renting out luxury rental properties to some of the USA most affluent
clientele. Today, he is amongst a growing list of solopreneurs maximising the
potential in the rapidly growing rental market – growing his business the Jatina Group
into a multi-million dollar business before he had a single employee.

When asked about how it all started, Jens is pragmatic and honest – in his early
twenties and itching to make it on his own, Jens begged his dad for a loan and
negotiated a rental deal on a high-end property that he could sub-let. With a low
pricing model, the property barely had a moment where it wasn’t leased and he paid
back his dad within three months – the rest is history. But it’s not the money that Jens
carefully preens over, it’s his reputation. The unscrupulous demands of luxury rentals
instilled in Jens a simple ethic that brings his clients to the forefront, ensuring that
their experiences in his rentals are as good as they come in the Miami luxury market.
Even now, Jens handles a significant portion of his clientele himself. He explains that
the reputation he carefully created spread through word of mouth before he built a
website and discovered that through simple advertising and search engine
optimization his business could grow tenfold. Within a year and half, Jens had twelve
rental properties and was turning over a modest, multi-million dollar profit single handedly.

Since founding the Jatina Group, Jens has built the company into an enterprise that
turned over $2.5 million a year as a sole proprietor in 2017, and now hires six
employees with a revenue of $7.5 million in 2018. Jens’s thoughts on his business’s
growth are similarly simple and hard-hitting – he reinvests, focusing on turning the
Jatina Group into an ultra lean, turnkey business that is secure and self-sufficient. It’s
safe to say his business-savvy parents are proud, and that this millennial
understands what it takes to turn a one-man business into a multi-million dollar
enterprise. Jens joins an increasing number of solopreneurs rejecting the 9-5 worklife and building their own businesses, a cohort of individuals that single-handedly
contribute over $1.3 trillion in revenue to the US economy annually.

We’re expecting big things and keeping a keen eye on Jens and the Jatina Group.
For those budding entrepreneurs wondering how to break away from the mold, Jens
is the perfect model for hand-built success.