Eton curriculum planned for 15 new free schools, Education Secretary tells GB News


Gillian Keegan has announced the Government’s latest plans to open 15 new free schools with the support of the Eton curriculum.

Speaking to GB News, she said:
“What we’re announcing today is 15 new free schools, which will go on top of the 650 programme that we’ve launched since we started this in the 2010/2011.

“This is really part of this government’s drive to drive up standards and make sure that all children have access to a great education.

“It’s what’s led us to go from 68% of schools being good and outstanding to 88%.

“Lots of schools bid in for this,” she said.

“We had the BRIT School for the North as part of this announcement, which is going to provide lots of opportunities to kids in the North.

“Eton actually initiated this and they worked with Star Academy that has got a lot of experience in the West Midlands and the North, really turning schools around.

“They will provide support, curriculum support and financial support as well.

“It’s for those children who want to try and get into the best universities because we know that still, some of our best universities are still dominated by people who go to private schools.

“Star is one of the academies that’s turned a lot of schools around in the Midlands and the North. It’s them working together to work with them on curriculum, and also financial support.

“You will get the input of the Eton curriculum into what is already a fantastic multi academy trust.”

Ms Keegan confirmed the scheme was funded by new money, including £1million from Eton, saying: “it’s all new money to fund new schools; the free school programme is fully funded.”