EXCLUSIVE: A candid sit-down with the members of Urban Fu$e


The members of Urban Fu$e hail from all over the world and are truly a reflection of diverse cultures and different approaches to music fused into one  single sound. A strong dance beat is the hallmark of UF no matter the genre:
hiphop/rap, dance hall, V-pop, Afro,Latin. UF does it all!

Why do they call themselves Urban Fu$e? They chose the name because of the multicultural fusion of their music, but also because they consider themselves to be fuses: they will spark the musical revolution that is to come.

The members of Urban Fu$e come from Yaounde, Cameroon, Lagos, Nigeria; Freeport, Bahamas;  Nashville, Tennessee; San Francisco Bay Area, California; London, England and Vietnam


You’ve just released your new single “Freedom” – how has the reception been towards the new track?

Nyu-Kyung: The reception has been really positive. I know in my inner circle I didn’t know how people were going to respond to such a unique sounding track but it all turned out great. It’s awesome to see people from all different backgrounds unite through our new single “freedom”.

Micheal-P:  The reception towards the new track is positive and it is following the goals for which the new single  “Freedom”    has been released. This single is released to  bring a positive change in the mentalities  of  people so I believe this track is actually  setting people free  from their negative ways of thinking to  positive ways of thinking and doing things.

What was the writing process like for the single Freedom?

Suzanna:  It was  very fun and refreshing putting the pieces together.  We took a chance and experimented with the structure the way it’s laid out with French, Vietnamese and English verses in that order with Vietnamese being sandwiched between French and English to represent a true historical oppression.  Even though we never use the actual word “oppression” in the song just by the virtue of the ordering of the languages it expresses the same idea. Overall, we’re just glad we finished the track and put it out there.  I can’t think of any other medium that would allow us   to communicate and paint a story about oppression, human differences, similarities by just using the ordering of the languages, the utilization of them and one same topic “Freedom” in all three verses to fully get our point across in less than 3 minutes. That’s just wow, it just blows me away that I got to work with such a talented group of artists.

Nyu-Kyung: I remember writing 3 different variations for my verse in freedom because I had so much I wanted to say. I eventually pieced together the best parts of each and came up with a final version. I wrote this verse in my college dorm room and I remember reciting the different versions to my friends for weeks trying to figure out the best version.

Micheal-P:  I wrote the track first in Pidgin English then Suzanna told me it’s too violent so she and I rewrote it in English/American/English.  I went into the studio, recorded the new lyrics, I thought I was done then a few weeks went by, heard nothing from Suzanna, then one day Suzanna texted me asking me to rewrite it but this time in French.  I was like huh? why? She was like oh I was told you write great French.  Apparently there’s another track I wrote in French, and she liked that one, too.  So I rewrote the verse but this time in French,  for Suzanna to listen to.  She liked both versions, English and French. Then at the end she decided to use French instead of English.  So yeah, I’m just glad that my ability as a bilingual performing artist could help bring out such an effective message on the topic of oppression and what freedom means to different people around the world. I’m surprised that I actually wrote the same song in 3 different languages, Pidgin English, English and French.  That’s kinda cool.  Although we only used the French verse but it’s still cool to see the kind of growth I had by just keep working at it and see what I can do. At times, it was tiring but it’s worth it to experiment new ways of telling our story.  I feel like working in a high-tech start up, creating and experimenting.

How is it working with different artists from across the world?

Nyu-Kyung:  it has been a lot of fun being able to learn about them as people. I couldn’t ask for a better situation and I’m truly thankful to be able to learn about other cultures while making music.

Micheal:  It’s a great opportunity for me to be collaborating   with professional artists from across the world.  It is a great challenge that I welcome with two hands. I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Suzanna how to be positive so much that when I rewrote my verse I basically expressed that in it.

Do you often find that your music is a reflection of your past and growing up as well as the members? Is it important for you to write about your past within your music?

Nyu-Kyung: All of my music is based off my past experiences. I originally began writing music as an outlet for my emotions when I was 10 years old and that hasn’t changed. I’m a very reflective person so it is normal for me to look into my past for motivation when I write music.

Micheal:  yes, I find that my music is the reflection of my past and it is also the key to my success as well as that of the members because I compose my music with positive attitude that I share with people for them to  know the benefits of  living a purposeful life and just think positively.  It’s very empowering.

Is there going to be a music video for the new track? (We hope so)

Micheal: Everything is possible.  Wwe hope to release a music video for this new track very soon and we invite you all to check this out and follow us to be aware of our new activities and to help us to make everywhere a better place.

Nyu-Kyung: Yes there is, I recently finished shooting my verse in Vancouver, Canada.

Who would you say your dream collaboration is?

Nyu-Kyung: My personal dream collaboration is with an artist who goes by Lil Zay Osama. We both speak about our personal experiences and emotions in our music and I think we could make some hits.

Micheal: As I also said before ; I dream to be collaborating with all professional artists having the same goals as me; which is  making people know the benefits of  living a purposeful life; hence making everywhere a better for everyone.

Are there any plans for a UK tour?

Nyu-KyungYes we are talking about a world tour in October/November

Micheal: It may be possible for this year, we’re working toward it, so we invite you to listen and share our vision around the globe to make people in UK to come massively in case we plans for a tour in UK LOL.

Finally, what else can we expect from you in 2019?

Suzanna:  we’re going to really champion the financial literacy campaign around the world by releasing our first hardcore financial song ever written in this new EP that we’re dropping in May LOL.  Then after that our plan is to release an EP with just financial songs only some time later this year.

Nyu-Kyung: Personally you can expect a lot more music for my solo career as well as  songs with Urban Fu$e. I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Micheal:  Many  surprises for 2019 not only on the musical domain and more collaborations  but also on physical projects that will help and educate people by showing and teaching them the benefits of  living a purposeful life. Thanks to you, stay blessed and follow us to make everywhere we go a better place for everyone around the world.