EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Mason tells all in candid sit-down


by Matthew Martino

Reality babe Danielle Mason made a return to acting last month as she joined the star-studded cast of Dead Ringer, a feature film shot in Essex and London. I had to pull her in for a chat to find out more about  her role and of-course her future plans!

MM: Danielle, how was that experience – being back on set?

DM: Like being at home, I love being in front of the camera never behind!

MM: What can the fans expect to see, without giving too much away – what does your role in Dead Ringer entail?

DM: I am playing a detectives wife called Lorraine, she is a mumsy house wife with a teenage daughter, middle class family, husband always working and he has just been put on a new case to do with a boy band fraud investigation. I drink lots of coffee and am quiet ordinary compaired to myself which is why I liked playing the character as its something different as im used to playing a wild party girl. its a very covered up role which is different to my modelling background…

MM: What does the future hold for you?

DM: Being a good mother watching my kids grow older, hopefully gracefully and bringing them up to be good people.

DM: I have 3 mainstream reality shows im in meetings with at present… 3 British films under my belt this year, fanged up, rise of the Footsolider 3 and this new one, Dead Ringer, so hopefully more acting roles. Im in training for a celebrity boxing match for Bluemoon charity so the training is taking up alot of time…

Quick fire:

Favourite thing about London?
Cockneys & pie and mash

Favourite place?
The food hall in Harrods
London Palladium




Photos: Nicky Hayes