Explained: How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter?

When people hear about Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome's achievements, they often wonder "How old is Pastor Chris' daughter?"


Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome, popularly known as CSO, is one of the daughters of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Carissa Sharon is a beacon of grace, talent and purpose, leaving many to wonder, “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter?”

Born on August 11th, 1995, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’sdaughter is 28 years old as of 2023.

In her formative years, Carissa Sharon’s life was profoundly shaped by the teachings and principles of her father, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Growing up in a household where faith, education and values were paramount laid the foundation for her future endeavors. This insight into her upbringing answers the question, “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter, and what has influenced her?”

Beyond being the progeny of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Carissa Sharon has crafted her narrative as a gospel singer, fashion icon and philanthropist. This multifaceted journey contributes to the rich tapestry of her life. Understanding this biography helps unravel the answer to the question, “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter, and what has she accomplished?”

Musical career as CSO

Carissa Sharon’s, or CSO as her stage name is, venture into the music industry at a young age has been nothing short of remarkable. The 28-year-old gospel singer’ssoulful and inspirational songs resonate with many.

As we delve into her musical career, it becomes clear that Carissa Sharon’s age is just one aspect of her identity, while her talent and impact are equally noteworthy.

Family Ties: How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter in her role as a mother

Carissa Sharon’s commitment to family is evident in her relationship with her husband, Phillip Frimpong. Their union, blessed with the arrival of a beautiful daughter, adds a new dimension to her life as a mother. This familial context helps us understand “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter in her role as a mother?”

Influence of Pastor Chris: How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter shaped by faith

The profound influence of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on his daughter’s life extends far beyond the typical dynamics of a parent-child relationship. At 28 years old, Carissa Sharon serves as a living testament to the immeasurable impact of spiritual guidance and profound faith instilled by her father.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, renowned as a revered Christian minister, has not merely played the role of a father but has been a wellspring of inspiration, molding her values, principles and overall worldview.

As we delve into the inquiry of “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter,” it becomes increasingly apparent that her age is intricately interwoven with the rich tapestry of faith that defines her character and significantly influences every facet of her life’s journey.

The unwavering faith instilled by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been a guiding force, shaping Carissa Sharon into a woman who embodies the spiritual principles imparted by her father.

Who is Carissa Sharon’s father?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a world-renowned Christian minister and the founder of the Christ Embassy church, stands as a beacon of inspiration and transformative influence in the lives of millions globally.

Born on December 7th, 1963, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, at the age of 60, has dedicated his life to spreading the message of faith, love and spirituality. His influence extends not only through his dynamic ministry but also within the intimate sphere of his family. Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome, born on August 11th, 1995, stands as a testament to the profound impact of her father’s teachings.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teachings, marked by a fusion of spirituality and practical wisdom, have shaped Carissa Sharon’s worldview. As a devoted daughter, her journey reflects the seamless integration of her father’s guidance into her personal and professional life.

At 28 years old, Carissa Sharon embodies the principles of faith, love and compassion instilled by her father, illustrating how age becomes a mere marker in the presence of enduring spiritual values.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s influence is not confined to the pulpit; it permeates through various mediums, reaching people across the globe. Through his ministry, books and online platforms, he continues to inspire millions.

His commitment to philanthropy, evident in initiatives like the InnerCity Mission for Children, further exemplifies the holistic impact of his teachings.

As we contemplate the question of “How old is Pastor Chris’ daughter,” we unveil a narrative that goes beyond chronological age, delving into a legacy of faith, compassion and transformative influence.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s influence, manifested through Carissa Sharon, underscores the enduring power of spiritual guidance in shaping lives across generations.