Famed actor Amar Adatia talks upcoming projects, EssexPower100 nod and the film industry in interview


Amar Adatia is one of UK’s most famed rising star producers, already having a handful of feature film project underneath his belt and making 2017’s Essex Power 100 list we sat down with him to find out what’s next!

1. Amar, what is your proudest moment to date?

AA: Feeling proud of yourself is one of those moments where words cannot express the sensation it provides. It’s a feeling we rarely experience in life that makes you feel honorable and blissful within, even if the feeling is experienced through others. I first had this feeling when I was doing my GCSE’s and I got first place in a acting competition held by our school district. This was a feat I did not expect to accomplish going into the contest, and the proud feeling I got was mesmerising.

I haven’t the slightest idea what overcame me that day. Perhaps it was because I have never really won anything before in my life, I felt proud and confident all at the same time. Right after they gave us our trophies, I rushed over to my teacher and my parents with glee and couldn’t stop talking. I was very excited and my classmates all rushed to congratulate me. Later in my life I experienced more of these moments, but none of them even came close to how I felt that day. It might have been the fact that I was really young and couldn’t remember much of anything else, or it was because that little trophy in my room I see everyday reminds me of that day which subconsciously lead me to this career I love to do . Whatever it is, that day changed my life. Being proud of yourself and having others be proud of you is the best feeling in the world. I hope in the future, I can continue to feel that proud feeling. We have to often encourage ourselves to try out new things and explore the world, for it is filled with surprises. It was a surprise to me and I’m sure to my teachers I won that acting competition but it is the act of trying something that was outside my comfort zone that rewarded me with that memorable moment of proudness I felt. And now I live by these words Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith.”

2. You made 2017’s EssexPower100 list joining Sir Alan Sugar and Danny Dyer – how did this feel?

AA: Honestly being born and bred in Essex and getting on the Essex power list was a wonderful feeling. Just being acknowledged for what I do is great enough but to be awarded something it shows my effort and ethics don’t go unnoticed and for that I’m very grateful.

Being on a list with such admirable influences such as Alan sugar and Danny dyer means a lot to me. Alan sugar is not only a great business man but a true role model and an avid spurs fan so I do like him a lot haha and Danny dyer has made many films and got recognition for being a great actor and having found his niche I think he has done amazing in his career and being on a list with them both shows I must be doing something right.

3. Talk to us about your upcoming film Dead Ringer – what can we expect to see?

AA: I’m So excited for the world to see what we have created in Dead ringer when we premiere it on September 17th 2018.

It’s definitely my best creation so far and with such a great cast attached and such beautiful locations abroad and over in Uk I was very fortunate to make this happen.

And for a low low budget independent film I genuinely believe we have ticked many boxes which hopefully will showcase my talents as a producer and as an actor too.

Im a strong believer in team work and I had such a wonderful team around me whilst We made this project happen. Some great American and British talent attached I am truly blessed and can’t wait for this to be released.

4. Who is the most fascinating actor you’ve ever worked alongside and why?

Recently I have just completed filming another movie I am producing called the Seven alongside Super man himself Dean Cain. I had the pleasure of acting in scenes with him and was in awe of his talent and humbleness. He was my generations superman and to be not only acting in a film with him but also producing the movie was like a pinch myself moment. He totally took that scene and made it his own and is a pleasure to learn from such amazing personality.

5. What advise would you give to actors and producers starting out?

I live by the moto dream believe and achieve … anyone who has a vision and dream and passion if you can see it and visualise it I can guarantee it will happen.

Never give up no matter how many knock backs you receive and lastly take on constructive criticism as it can only push you and mold you into something stronger and more knowledge.