Famed producer Amar Adatia’s Sci-Fi flick starring Luke Goss starts filming in LA


Famed British producer Amar Adatia is currently filming his latest film a sci-fi thriller.

Principal photography on the film began last week and the film is set in alps Angeles.

Luke Goss has scooped a lead role in the film which has the working title “Ria”, whilst Jess Impiazzi also has a role in the film.

In a candid chat with Adatia today he opened up about the storyline telling us “It’s a sci-fi film based on a strong female lead. Ria wakes up every morning and has a perfect housewife life.Only that every day, she has a new husband and that there is a massive plot twist behind this.”

He quipped “I can’t tell you anything else, you have to wait for the trailer!”

Discussing how it feels to be producing a film in LA, the Dead Ringer producer told us “It’s unreal to complete one of my biggest dreams.”

He added “The locations and actors we have out here have made a massive difference to the production and we are love filming in this lovely weather with winter around the corner. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Ria will be released in 2019 by Amarich Productions, film director Richard Colton is in the directors chair for the flick!