Fashion and wellness pop up store with focus on sustainability launches at 88 Regent Street


A fashion and wellness pop up store at 88 Regent Street has launched to showcase six brands who were founded in the local area and champion sustainability.

From now until October 31, each brand has been given a dedicated space within the store which they have customised to communicate the authenticity of their products and the story behind them.

Visitors are able to have a personal and distinctive shopping experience as they move through the store with the opportunity to interact with the brand’s founders and learn the sustainability practices that underpin their products.

Some of the unique sustainability techniques include the upcycling of vintage family kimonos to create items from jackets to lampshades to the art of slow tailoring to craft unique pieces of lingerie from local suppliers with zero waste.

After a competitive selection process, the six chosen brands are Saywood, Lab Tonica, LR.D, Buttress & Snatch, Petit Pli and 4649.REC. (*summary of six brands and comments from all founders below)

In addition to the brands themselves, the store itself has been produced with sustainability in mind.

Coordinated by Visual Branding Agency, Jupiter, sustainable materials have been widely used throughout the store from the large message board on arrival created from 80% recycled plastic bottles to the furniture fixings made from sterling board, an eco-friendly material consisting of recycled wood particles.

At the end of the project, all the materials will be collected by Jupiter to be repurposed for future projects or sent to the closest recycling plant to generate green energy.

Ryan Mario Yasin, founder of Petit Pli said:

“In the wake of Covid-19, retail has been forced to innovate through digital offerings and collaborations, and increasingly, sustainability is also top of mind. Every second, an entire truck’s worth of clothes is burned or buried in a rubbish dump, and at Petit Pli we are urgently working to help solve the crisis of waste and responsible consumption in fashion. We are honoured to have been selected by The Crown Estate and Westminster to pop up at 88 Regent Street over September and October and we look forward to engaging with many passers-by, discussing novel methods of sustainability and responsible consumption”.