Fashion Bracelet Trends in 2024


With a variety of styles and purposes, bracelets can change your appearance and vibe completely. Spice up day-to-day clothes with this stylish accessory to elevate your look or add a few more to a night outfit to make it even more glamorous. From elegant gold and silver designs to fun and quirky gemstone and mixed-material pieces, you can never have enough of these accessories. You can browse the latest bracelet trends at the Vilavi store and find gorgeous pieces that will work just for you. Read along to discover some of the bracelet trends in 2024.

With an inscription

Inscription bracelets are one of the hottest trends right now. What sets them apart is that such jewelry pieces are often personalized. If you want to add a nice personal touch to your outfit, Wearing an engraved piece should do the trick. Apart from personalization, bracelets with the inscription can be used for manifesting anything good. For example, this Keep Moving Forward bracelet is simple yet elegant and motivating.Â

Men's bracelet with inscription


Beaded bracelets are so popular right now because of how different they can look and feel. You can choose natural stone beads to bring out their properties and rich look or try glass and plastic beads if you want something more simple and fun. Because of the difference in materials used, such bracelets can also differ in price greatly. This allows you to choose a great option for every price range. Layering different beaded pieces can result in new exciting looks.

Personalized Charm

It is another type of bracelet perfect for personalization. If you enjoy fun, dangly items, charm accessories could be the right choice. Some of the top fashion designers include personalized bracelets in their latest collections. Add your initials or full words, beautiful charms, and meaningful symbols to accentuate your look.

Minimalist Elegance

women's ring

Minimalism and elegance are never out of fashion. If you feel like less is more, adding a stylish and elegant simple bracelet might be perfect for your look. Wearing thin bangles or chain bracelets made of gold and silver will never be dull. Add a minimalistic piece to your elegant look to elevate it with subtlety.

Traditional Bangle

Traditional bangles go back centuries. These accessories exist in many cultures, and they have been evolving through the ages. Some of the designs remain almost unchanged, the others now have a more modern look. Traditional bangles are far from minimalistic, with their chunky, bold, intricate, and stunning designs. Some of them are colorful, the other types are simply gold and silver. You can wear them to show your heritage or try the modern ones for fun and unexpected fashion experiments.

The world of bracelets is so diverse. You can wear them as a personalized statement or an accessory to accentuate your look. Try out different combinations to find what suits you best.